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    Buy WotLK Mounts boost and unlock any mount in the game you want. We are ready to complete achievements, farm dungeons and raids and do everything necessary in order to get you a desired creature to ride on. WotLk Classic Mount service is your perfect choice if you want guaranteed results.

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    WotLK Classic Mounts Boost FAQ

    What are WotLK Mounts?

    In short, mounts will be your main way of getting around WoW Classic. They function like a spell, appearing by the press of your button and disappearing as soon as you dismount them. Some help you move underwater, others allow you to fly, but most simply allow you to move way waster than you do on your own.

    That being said, you should not underestimate the mounts. First of all, you’d be spending way more time in Warcraft Classic simply running around than you might anticipate, so eventually you’ll learn to greatly appreciate the speed boost the mounts provide. Secondly, some of the Wrath Classic areas are simply unreachable without a mount, mainly those that hang high in the sky. Then, there are also mounts that give real gameplay benefits, providing great support while adventuring. And finally, lots of them are simply badass looking! Like, its ok to right around on a horse, but don’t tell me you wouldn’t rather ride around on a giant dragon, grizzly mammoth or a goddamn motorbike! There are dozens of World of Warcraft Classic mounts available for purchase.

    So, no need to hold yourself back. Buy WoW WotLK Classic mounts from us and guarantee yourself a magnificent mount within the shortest amount of time.

    How do you get 310 flying in Wotlk?

    While the player can learn 310% flying speed in future expansions of WoW, thanks to Master Riding ability, it simply does not exist yet in WotLK, with the maximum speed you can learn being 280%. However, there’s over 20 mounts in the WotLK expansion that possess 310% speed despite of the character’s skill. Some examples include Black Proto-Drake, Violet Proto-Drake and Plagued Proto-Drake. And you can buy WoW Classic mounts for a cheap price, including all of the available proto-drakes.

    Where do you get the mount in Wotlk?

    Honestly, just as any other piece of equipment in the game. Chances are, you'll get your first mount by buying them for gold from one of the vendors scattered around the game world.

    However, mounts are like treasures - you won’t find the best of them simply lying open at the vendor’s counter. While the cheap purchasable Lich King Classic mounts are enough to make do, some of the most useful, powerful and simply cool looking ones are hidden behind brutal challenges and mind-numbing grinding.

    Some serve as raid rewards, others tied to the achievements, part of them are locked behind special events. Then there are mounts you get for PvP activities, mounts handled as mission rewards, mounts you get from looting monsters, even mounts you can craft yourself.

    But of course, you can simply buy WotLK Classic mounts from from us, without having to worry about the acquisition method. Our carry services will be your perfect choice. We have almost all WoW Classic mounts for sale.

    How do you summon mounts in Wotlk?

    Once you get the mount, it will be either auto-learned or you have to “use” it in your inventory to learn. Once you’ve done that, open your Collections Interface (Shift-P), open the Mounts tab and choose the mount you want to ride. To streamline the process in the future, you can simply drag your preferred mount into your action bar.

    What level do you get mount in Wotlk?

    First of all, you don’t simply get a mount, at least not from just leveling up. Most likely, you’ll get your first mount by buying them from a vendor for gold. You can by any mount at any level, as long as you have enough gold, but it doesn’t mean you’d be able to ride them. Once you’re lvl 40, you can ride blue mounts and on level 60 you can start riding flying and epic mounts.

    How many mounts are there in WotLK?

    There are nearly 90 new mounts for you to collect, which almost doubles the amount of mounts in the whole WoW Classic!

    Are Mounts account wide in WotLK Classic?

    Mounts were not account wide back in the original days of Wrath of the Lich King and it seems that the same is true for WotLK Classic.