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    Buy WotLK boost services from Overgear. Exclusive boosting offers for any type of needs. Get 1-80 power leveling, gear up your character in full sets of high level gear, complete any dungeon in the game and finish full raid runs on any difficulty. We have everything you need for a comfortable and effective WotLK Classic gaming.

    You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you? Whether you’ve been salivating over one of legendary weapons and now have to get a new character with a suitable class, met an impenetrable wall in form of the Arena on your quest for the game titles or just can’t bring yourself to level up yet another profession - you came to the realization that the grind just isn’t worth it. The tasks before you are too time-consuming, too demanding, too nerve-wrecking and tedious. But most important of all - you’re simply not having any fun while doing it!

    Let's get real for a moment. Why do we even play games to begin with, especially MMORPG? Plenty of reasons actually, which may differ from person to person:

    • For some, it's a great way to communicate and even build connections with other people. Even those that play alone can still get a sense of being a part of the community through game forums and special events.
    • For the others, it's a form of temporary escapism. It can be so nice to just, for a couple of hours, forget about bills for electricity and instead become a brave adventurer who explores exotic lands and participates in events of epic proportions!
    • As ironic as that may sound, games can truly give the sense of pride and accomplishment. There’s a special thrill in finally beating a several-hour long raid together with your friends or climbing to the very top of arena leaderboards.
    • And some of us play, well, yes - for the grind! Sure, it can look extremely boring and tedious, especially from the outside. But there’s a certain feeling of comfort in that long, yet steady progression.

    However, there is a point when enough is enough. It’s not ok when instead of using the game to unwind from work, we treat it as one and log in even when we don’t want to. It’s not ok when instead of helping us relax after a tough day, the game only makes us even more irritated. And it’s not fine when we compromise our free time and dear people just so that we can have another run at a raid that we already did dozens of times. Just as with everything in life, games should be making our lives better, not getting in a way of it. That's why our Wrath Classic boosts exist.

    Yet we don’t want to completely write the games off the table. As it was already described above, there’s plenty of benefits to video games, as long as it doesn’t cross the boundaries. What we wish to provide with our WotLK boosting services is to help you enjoy the good parts of WoW, while liberating you from the necessity of doing all the stressful, boring and time consuming tasks that only sour your experience of the game.

    So, grab our WotLK Classic carry and let's start the grind! Wait, or do we stop the grind? Eeh, guess that's depends on from what side you look at it, haha!


    Can you boost in Wotlk Classic?

    Sure, you can. With the release of Lich King Classic, Blizzard rolled out two new boosts - Northrend Heroic Upgrade and Northrend Epic Upgrade.

    It's important to note that all the official Classic boosts are highly restrictive, even compared to the boosts available in the game's retail version. You have to buy them and can only do so once, and even then, the service is pretty restrictive in the provided boosting.

    In comparison, our WotLK carry services have no such restrictions. You can boost any race, class, and profession, get any gear you want and immediately reach the max level of the expansion. Choose our WotLK Classic boost and jump into the exciting endgame asap!

    Is there Boost for classic WoW?

    As we already mentioned, Blizzard prepared two one-off boosts for WotLK Classic — a basic Northrend Heroic Upgrade and delux Northrend Epic Upgrade. A similar service, called Dark Portal Pass, was released simultaneously with TBK. And base WoW Classic had no boosting options.

    All the while, our boosting services aren't going anywhere! Unlike official boosts, we'll boost you for as long as the Classic Expansions are active. And now that Wrath of the Lich King is here, the same be said about our WotLK Classic carry services.

    Can you buy a boost for Classic?

    TBK Classic has also featured the boost, called Dark Portal Pass, but developers disabled it as of August 2022. The same fate most likely awaits WotLK boosts if Cataclysm Classic is a thing in the future. In other words, it seems that Blizzard made sure to feature boosts for Classic expansions, but only one will be active at a time.

    To understand why it's crucial to know why Blizzard offers these boosts in the first place. Classic Boosts are supposed to serve as starting points for the players who want to immediately hop into the latest expansion — specifically those who might want to join their better-prepared friends. That's why you can buy this boost only once and why it boosts you only to the min required level needed to start the content of the latest expansion.

    The decision might seem weird, mainly since the retail version of WoW features a free boost and an unlimited amount of purchasable ones. The decisive factor here is the idea of leveling being an integral part of the Classic experience, as Blizzard puts it.

    Well, there is one thing we do agree with Blizzard on - the players should have options to choose from. That's why we offer a wide variety of WotLK Classic carry offers. Rather than being tied to a single restrictive boosting Upgrade, select the options you're actually interested in and have a WoW Classic experience tailored specifically for you!

    Will there be a Wrath of the Lich King boost?

    Indeed, there’s two official boosts you can buy, called “Northrend Heroic Upgrade” and “Northrend Epic Upgrade”. Both serve as a decent starting point for the new players. As for veterans, the value of the official boosts lies mainly in the exclusive collectibles they offer, though it's worth asking yourself whether they are worth the cost.

    As for our WotLK Classic boosting services — as you see, there's a whole load of them! XD

    What does Wotlk Classic boost include?

    WotLK expansion features two "Upgrades" that the players can purchase. Northrend Heroic Upgrade gives a level 70 boost to a non-Death Knight Character, an Expert Riding Skill, gear of appropriate ilvl, some starting gold, a mount, a penguin pet, and a tuskarr fishing companion (toy). Northrend Epic Upgrade offers all the same, plus two flying mounts - one for Classic, one for retail - and 30 days of game time.

    How much is a boost in WotLK Classic?

    There’s two boosts you can buy in WotLK Classic:

    • Northrend Heroic Upgrade for $49.99
    • Northrend Epic Upgrade for $79.99