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    Wotlk Gearing Service

    Buy WotLK Classic Gearing services to prepare your character for the most difficult activities in the game by obtaining full sets of high-level gear. Make your character stronger and obtain unique gear sets from both PvE and PvP now by choosing our WotLK gearing services.

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    WotLK Classic Gearing Service FAQ

    How do you gear up in WotLK?

    There are lots of ways to get new gear in WotLK. First of all, it drops from various mobs all around the game world. However, in order to obtain more powerful pieces, you have to start with visiting dungeons and farming bosses until you get the most suitable gear parts. When you are all set - it is time to start raiding, as it is the only source of the best gear in the game. Our WotLK classic gearing boost

    In Lich King Classic PvP sets can be obtained by winning on BGs and Arena. Those sets are the most suitable for what they are rewarded - battles against other players. WotLK gearing boosting service from Overgear will help you to get those sets as quickly as possible.

    Where do you get gear in WotLK?

    With our WotLK Classic Gearing you will be able to obtain the best possible gear sets from various sources: dungeons, raids and PvP vendors. To make our WoW WotLK gearing even more effective, we also offer you legendary gear services. We offer lots of various WoW Classic items for sale.

    Prepare your character for raids or become the strongest PvP player in the game by choosing our WotLK gearing boost.

    What is the fastest way to get gear in WotLK?

    Well, in case you’ve been playing Warcraft Classic for a while now and got lots of gold to spend, then you should be able to simply buy some pretty good gear from an Auction House. But other than that, there isn’t really a “fast” option to get some high-level equipment.

    If you’re a PvE player, then dungeons and raids are where you’ll find the best gear WotLK has to offer. And if you prefer PvP, then Arena and Battlegrounds are where you should be heading. Though all of these activities would require quite a lot of tedious grinding to get some proper equipment. You can also craft some gear yourself with certain professions, but it’s hardly any faster, if not the other way around.

    But there is one more option - our Wrath Classic carry services! Our boosters are highly experienced and efficient players that will deliver you the best gear in the game as fast as it’s humanly possible. Buy WoW Classic items from Overgear and get everything you need as quickly as possible.

    How do you get heroic gears in WotLK?

    Apart from legendary items - the amount of which is too small to truly count them - epic gear is the best gear you’ll find in the World of Warcraft classic. There are many ways one can get their hands on epic equipment - some can be crafted through certain professions, others can be purchased with a high enough reputation and then there are epics that can simply drop from world enemy. Nonetheless, most of the best epic gear lies behind countless runs of heroic dungeons and raids. Though that’s something Overgear will gladly help you with! Buy WoW Classic gear and prepare your character for the most difficult adventures.

    How do you get PVP gear in WotLK?

    While there are multiple ways to get PvP gear in WotLK, your priority lies in purchasable gear that you get for Arena Points and Honor Points, which you get for participation in Arena and Battlegrounds (counting Wintergrasp) respectively. In other words, do PvP activities and get PvP gear. Though if you need something to start with, you can get Savage Gladiator set with Emblems of Heroism, which are rewarded for beating dungeon bosses on heroic difficulty. Our WotLK Gear Carry will gladly help you with that!