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    Buy WotLK Classic Raids Boost and complete any raid in the game with the best possible results. Our professional boosters will help you to complete all available raids and obtain the strongest gear in the game. Guarantee yourself the best raiding results by choosing our WotLK raids boost

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    WotLK Raids Boost FAQ

    How many raids are there in WotLK?

    There are 9 raids in Lich King Classic expansion overall, with 4 available in the first patch.

    List of WotLK raids, available for WoW Classic Raid Carry:

    What are WotLK Raids?

    It is all about raids in Warcraft Classic, and Wrath of the Lich King only proves that statement by offering players a unique raiding experience with lots of new gameplay mechanics to learn and deal with. More than that, raiding is still the only way to obtain the best possible gear in the game. Yet, it is also the hardest activity available. For these reasons we offer you our WoW WotLK raids boost. Raids in World of Warcraft Classic require almost perfect knowledge of the bosses, a reliable and skillful team to play with and a bit of luck to be dealt with successfully. And Overgear is ready to help you with that! Complete a single run or all WotLK raids in order - the best WoW players will always be available to help you.

    Together with our professional boosters you will get maximum results out of every WotLK raids run, unlocking unique achievements and obtaining pieces of high level raid gear in WoW Classic.

    What was the first WotLK raid?

    Naxxramas was the first raid that was available for the players. And this instance is also available as WoW Classic Raid boost on Overgear!

    Are there heroic raids in WotLK?

    Raids in WotLK are divided into two modes: 10-player raids and 25-player raids, with the second one being the most difficult. Both types of raids are available for our Wrath Classic Carry services.