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    Buy WotLK dungeons boost and get all dungeons in the game completed by professional WoW gamers. Get high-level gear and prepare your character for raiding with our WoW WotLK dungeons boost.

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    WotLK Classic Dungeons FAQ

    How many dungeons are in WotLK?

    By the end of the expansion overall number of dungeons will reach 16. Most of them also bring new gameplay mechanics that have not been seen in the game before. For that reason, overall difficulty of dungeons has been increased even more. WIth our WotLK dungeons boost all of those dungeons will be completed with the maximum efficiency, bringing you parts of pre-raid gear and preparing your character for upcoming raiding in World of Warcraft Classic .

    Dungeon List

    Last three dungeons are also related directly to the Quel'Delar legendary sword questline — another thing you can get our Wrath Classic Carry to help you with!

    Is Wotlk coming to Classic?

    After initial success of the WoW Classic and TBC Classic, it was just a matter of time before Blizzard would announce Wrath of the Lich King Classic release. It will come in its' full glory already this year 2022.

    What level should I be for Wrath of the Lich King raids?

    Raiding in WotLK Classic is available for all 80 level characters, so if you are done with dungeons and has already obtained pre-raid gear, it is time to start.