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    Wotlk Level Boost in Dungeons

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    Buy WotLK 1-80 Dungeon Leveling to reach any desired level by completing dungeons, looting high-level gear and preparing yourself for upcoming endgame content. 

    Dungeons are the fastest way to level up your character in Lich King Classic, and it is also a source of the best gear you can get without completing raids. The problem is that there is no LFG system like in a retail version of the game, so you have to find a reliable team by yourself. Dungeons themselves are also much more difficult. For these reasons, most players prefer questing as the main way of leveling. This is why we offer WoW WotLK leveling dungeons service - the most effective way to reach level cap.


    • Desired level reached;
    • Lots of dungeons completed;
    • Various pieces of dungeon gear obtained;
    • Dungeon-related achievements unlocked;
    • You keep all the loot and gold that can be obtained during the boost.


    Depending on what execution speed you choose, Wrath Classic Dungeon Leveling carry can be completed faster.

    • Normal - you get a basic place in a completion queue;
    • Express - your order receives a higher priority, decreasing completion time by 30%;
    • Super Express - your order gets the highest possible priority and is executed by our best boosters, making completion time as quick as possible.


    • 280% flying mount - we will get you a guaranteed flying mount.
    • Live stream - our booster will start a live broadcast so you can monitor the process of wotlk dungeon leveling.
    • Active WoW subscription.


    • Select preferred options and place an order for wow wotlk boost leveling dungeons;
    • We will contact you via our live chat or by sending an email;
    • All the details will be discussed beforehand and the start time will be set according to your schedule in real life and in WoW Classic;
    • We’ll find you the best booster for your World of Warcraft Classic order;
    • At the appointed time, our professional player will take your character and start wow wotlk power leveling dungeons completion;
    • You will be notified about the completion of dungeon leveling in Classic WoW WotLK.
    • Enjoy the results! And don’t forget to rate our services on Trustpilot.


    Effective dungeon leveling
    Online support available 24/7
    Reach level cap now

    Wrath of the Lick King Dungeon Leveling FAQ

    Are Dungeons good for leveling WoW?

    They surely are! Dungeons bring lots of EXP, and each boss is also a source of high-level gear that is much better than its questing counterparts. By choosing wotlk dungeon power leveling carry, you can be sure that you will be fully prepared for endgame content by the end of the process. 

    How do you level up in Wotlk?

    Completing quests around the world and doing dungeon runs are two main ways to level up in WotLK. Second method is quicker and more effective, but requires a strong team and good knowledge of the game. 

    How long does it take to dungeon grind to 80 Wotlk? 

    Depending on your skill and access to the reliable team, leveling can take from several weeks to months. But there's no need to wait so long. Our WotLK Classic power leveling dungeons completion is your guarantee of quick and effective leveling up to 80 level cap. Our professional gamers try to reach the fastest possible delivery time. With extra options you will be able to prepare your character for the most difficult endgame content to the fullest.

    Are dungeons faster than questing wotlk classic? 

    Yes they are. You earn lots of EXP in almost a non-stop manner while completing dungeons.

    What dungeons are added in WotLK?

    Here's the list of WotLK Classic Dungeons and simultaneously — our WotLK Classic dungeon carry services to help you with the grind:

    Dungeon Leveling
    Your level
    Desired level
    execution speed
    5 days order completion