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    Is there a raid in Endwalker?

    Yes, there is! Pandaemonium raids are fresh new content in FFXIV. For now, you can play only the Asphodelos part of Pandaemonium, but new parts are going to be open somewhere between august and september in 2022. But worry not, until you have time to check out ultimate raids, one of the hardest PVE experiences in FFXIV. If this is going too hard for you, get our ff14 raid boost services. Asphodelos contains four circles in total. Each contains tons of loot to obtain and bosses to slay.

    How do I get the Endwalker raid?

    First of all, you need to complete MSQ (Main Story Quests), only then you can get access to the raid (You can also buy special story skip in the official game store or our special FFXIV Endwalker raid boost services). Then you should find NPC named Nemjiji, who's located in Old Sharlayan. Complete his quest-line and you get access to Pandaemonium raids. Our ffxiv raid boost services can include all of the listed activities!

    How do I get Asphodelos gear?

    One of the most efficient ways to grind Asphodelos gear is to complete the Savage versions of each Circle in Pandaemonium Asphodelos every week. To even get access to the Savage version, you have to get your average Item level at least 570. This is already a very grindy job. Then to complete the Savage version you need to get a full team, which knows how to clear every circle. Every player should understand, what is his job in the run. That's can be very time-consuming. So get our FFXIV raid boost and skip all this gear grind with randoms! Save some time for yourself :)

    When do FFXIV raids reset?

    Each Final fantasy 14 raid resets on every Tuesday at 4 a.m EST, or 1 a.m. PST.