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Final Fantasy XIV Glamour Boost FAQ

How do I unlock Glamour?

You must achieve the 15th level to access the quest "If I had a Glamour." Talk to Swyrgeim in Western Thalahan. She will ask you to bring her Blood Orange Juice. Purchase it in the nearby inn from Folclind. Complete the quest. It is only the beginning!

How does Glamour plate work FF14?

One Glamour plate is an outfit — a full-body combination of glamours saved for your use without the need to come back to the dresser. It is very handy! Just press one of the 15 presets and change your looks! Consider some items having gender, race, and job restrictions. That's why after using a Glamour plate, you may find yourself wearing completely fashionable looks except for your good old boots.

What is a Glamour FF14?

Mostly an end-game feature, glamour is a way to alter your character's looks. You choose a set of any visually attractive items, and the glamour system projects their look on the best in the slot, top, and otherwise effective gear you wear. It doesn't affect your stats. Stay practical and stylish at the same time!

When can you Glamour in FFXIV?

Any time after completing the "If I had a Glamour" quest come back to your dresser. It is located in inn rooms and your Grand Company Barracks all around the in-game world. Form a Glamour plate if you want to use your armor glamour without the dresser.