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    FFXIV Genji Armor

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    Buy Genji Set and get a full set of gear with 345 ilvl armor and 350 ilvl weapon for your character, and unlock a unique Alte Roite mount and Wind-up Exdeath minion as a bonus reward!

    Genji Set requires completion of the Deltascape raid on Savage mode. You need a high-skilled team to rely on, several hours of free time, and strong nerves prepared for failed tries. Or you can just choose our Genji Set boost and obtain everything you need as quickly as possible.

    Note: Glamour Set includes Weapon, Head, Body, Gloves, Legs, Foot.


    • Full Genji Set of your job;
    • 345 ilvl gear and 350 ilvl weapon;
    • Deltascape Savage full run;
    • Alte Roite mount;
    • Wind-up Exdeath minion.


    • Unlock Savage we will complete Omega: Deltascape on normal difficulty;
    • Stream — monitor the Genji Set boosting progress.
    • Level 70 job;
    • 320 ilvl+;
    • Omega: Deltascape Savage unlocked.


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        • All the details will be discussed beforehand and the start time will be set according to your schedule;
        • We’ll find you a booster who fits in your schedule the best;
        • At the appointed time, our professional player will take your character and start FFXIV Genji Set boost;
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    345 ilvl gear set
    24/7 Online Support
    5 stars on Trustpilot

    FFXIV Genji Armor Set FAQ

    How do I get Genji Armor?

    Genji is obtainable through the Omega raid series. It is an 8-players activity of Stormblood that requires 70th-level characters. Complete the main storyline and a quest from Wedge beforehand.

    How can I get Genji Domaru of strike?

    Clear the Omega: Deltascape V4.0 (Savage) for the books (miscellany) called Deltascope Datacatalog 4.0. There is no cap for doing it, but you must get eight pieces. Vendors in Rhalgr's reach and Kugane will sell this body item to you. Equip it by Monk, Pugilist, or Samurai.

    Genji Set
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