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    FFXIV Extreme Trials Boost

    It is time to get gear with ilvl up to 645 and obtain the extremely rare mounts. Any other rewards? Yours! Buy Extreme Trials FFXIV boost, and we will defeat any of the most challenging bosses. FFXIV extreme trials bosses are alone, thus even deadlier than some raid ones. There is no place for randoms on your team!

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    FF14 Extreme Trials FAQ

    How do you unlock extreme trials?

    It is not a big deal. Talk to the related NPC, equip properly, and Final Fantasy XIV Extreme trials will be on a plate for you.

    How many extreme trials are there in FFXIV?

    There are one unreal and thirty five extreme trials FF14. Please take into account that their number may change with the next expansion.

    Are extreme trials hard FF14?

    It depends. Trials are categorized into Normal, Hard, and Extreme (Unreal).

    • Normal trials are easy content for beginners and are bitten by a party of four.
    • Hard trials require eight players but are no real threat.
    • Final Fantasy 14 Extreme trials are the endgame challenge and make even the experienced players sweat.
    • Seasonal Unreal trials are similar to Extreme but have different rewards. Prepare your team accordingly!

    What are extreme trials FF14?

    Extreme trials are the most challenging PvE activities related to the Main Storyline. One very dangerous boss challenges a party of eight characters. If successful, players get the rewards: optional Main Storyline progress and cutscenes and high-end rewards. You get even better loot if you beat the extreme trial more than once. With the FF14 Extreme Trials boost, you will get the top gear, beautiful mounts, lots of tomestones, and rare achievements!