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    Gear pieces are numerous, and all require lots of farming. Yet, there are more fascinating activities in the game than just running the same dungeon over and over. Buy FFXIV gearing and get any item level you like! Go for the top PvE or PvP equipment, prepare for the endgame, and complete your perfect set. Our boosters manage faster than any regular player can.

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    FFXIV Gearing Service FAQ

    What's the highest item level in FFXIV?

    The highest item level you can get is acquired in Pandaemonium Abyssos (Savage). It is the latest endgame raid that rewards with 630/635 ilvl gear. Have you seen it already? Gorgeous! Buy FFXIV Gearing Services and get it for its power and beauty in no time.

    How do you gear up in Endwalker?

    There are a couple of steps. Characters only preparing to enter the endgame may complete the Abyssos raid on normal difficulty. Get ready to sweat for 610 ilvl! High-leveled crafters and wealthy traders can afford Pentamelded Gear — a 610 ilvl crafted set. Experienced adventurers' Final Fantasy 14 gearing is a bit easier. They spend Tomestones of Causality on 620 ilvl sets. After reaching level 90th, complete your duty roulette, dungeons, raids, and trials for it. Move on to the last step of the FFXIV Gearing and get the 630/635 item level set... in one of the most challenging activities in the game! Even the most experienced raiders would never call it child's play.

    Where do I get level 90 gear?

    You can get your first level 90 gear for completing the Endwalker main questline. Two sets drop in the level 90th Azdaal's Legacy dungeon and Aglaia raid. The best purchasable gear requires Pandaemonium raid tokens and Allagan Tomestones. You can also craft gear. Keep in mind that only the crafted and acquired with Tomestones gear can be upgraded further, though any can make a beautiful glamour. With FFXIV gearing carry, you will forget about hunting for the top or pretty equipment!

    How do you upgrade Tomestone gear?

    Exchange your gear at Khaldeen, Rad-at-Han. You will need radiant roborant or coating for weapons and armor/accessories. Both are sold for Savage tokens, Aglaia coins, and sacks of nuts. Final Fantasy XIV gearing may be tricky. Counting your expenses and planning ahead makes it easier, so choose the activity you like and farm!

    How do I get ilvl 590?

    Three sets have the 590th item level. Radiant can be purchased for Tomestones at Rad-at-Han. Panthean drops in the Aglaia raid. And Augmented Classical is an upgraded version acquired at Radz-at-Han. Trade Allagan Tomestones for the required upgrade item, and then exchange your old Classical gear at Rashti. After the FFXIV gearing boost, you will have any item level you like, even one higher than 590th!

    Where do I get ilvl 560 accessories?

    The Artifact Gear set of Endwalker you get at the 90th level doesn't contain any accessories. And FF14 gearing means you need all. Head to one of the three starting 90th-level dungeons. Farm Smileton, The Dead Ends, and The Stigma Dreamscape for chests to find accessories inside.