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Buy FFXIV gear and get ready for the endgame. Want to challenge the PvE content, but equipment from quests is just irrelevant? Skip the grind — obtain everything your class needs now. Only the top players will have such equipment that excels in both stats and looks.

The last raids have harsh requirements. Any damage can be deadly without comparable gear, and no proper damage can be dealt without it. Tanks suffer the most. Equip and play at ease!


  • The chosen set, including required weapons;
  • Allagan Tomestones of Astronomy;
  • Allagan Tomestones of Causality.


  • Pentamelded gear — 610 ilvl, good to start the endgame, choose the stats for melding;
  • Augmented gear — 620 ilvl, obtained through completing your daily activities;
  • Savage Gear — 630/635 ilvl, gorgeous, get a unique raid mount and minion as a bonus;
  • BiS Gear — 630/635 ilvl Savage + Augmented combo with the best stats. Win the game!


  • Stream — we will stream the entire process of getting the armor and weapons.
  • 90th level character.
  • We will discuss all the details in the live chat or by email;
  • The booster will pilot your character according to the chosen set;
  • Pentamelded — acquire the gear, then meld it five times with your stats of choice;
  • Augmented — he will complete some of your duties for a couple of weeks;
  • Savage — booster will run the Pandaemonium (Savage) raid repetitively;
  • BiS Gear — he will complete some weekly duties and run Pandaemonium (Savage);
  • We'll inform you about the service completion;
  • Enjoy the results! And don’t forget to rate our services on Trustpilot.


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Where can I buy gear in FFXIV?

There is a lot of information on where the vendors are. Let's sum things up a little bit. Here we will cover the Gils vendors' locations, and if you are looking for the Tomestones Augmented gear, read the following answer to this FAQ.

Getting the perfect gear for each level is irrelevant till reaching the midgame. After that, you can buy gear FFXIV in Pillars. A couple of vendors will sell you the 30th to 60th level equipment for Gils. At levels 70–80, head to the Crystarium. Shai-Tistt, Doddard, and Ania can equip your character from head to toes. Gils required :)

Then a real hustle comes to the game. Level 80th vendors are spread across the Endwalker locations, and, probably, you should figure out your points of interest yourself. Just follow the sidequests. And we will help you with your 90th! In FF14 buy gear for the endgame at professionals, and you will never need to think about where the vendor is.

What order should I buy gear FFXIV?

You can find the best endgame gear order in the Gear Sets Info section on this page.

As for leveling order, if it is your first job, you should probably not worry about gear. The Main scenario quests will provide you with enough equipment to stay relevant till the 90th. If you are leveling an alt-job, you can wear anything until hitting level 50. Levels will fly fast, and sidequest items suit the needs. After that, choose the best and spend Tomestones.

  • Augmented Ironworks gear. In FFXIV buy level 50 gear at Aurina and Auriana in Mor Dhona.
  • Augmented Shire gear at level 60. Hismena in Idyllshyre and Rowena's Representative (foundation) in Ishgard trade it.
  • Augmented Scaevan set. Buy level 70 gear FFXIV at Enna, Rhalgar's Reach, and Rowena's Representative in Kugane.
  • Augmented Cryptlurker armor for level 80 is sold by Aymark in Eulmore. And Mowen's Merchant in the Crystarium sells weapons.
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