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    Buy FFXIV Gil in any amount and any region — NA, EU, JP, and OCE. Just choose your region, realm, and amount of gils and wait for the delivery. It takes 15–60 minutes!

    Currencies are an essential part of the game in every MMO, and FFXIV is not an exception. FF14 Gil is used for almost everything — repairing your gear, using teleports, buying gear and consumables from the auction. All of those activities will require tons of Gil on your character. Of course, you may farm Gil yourself, but like every other MMO, it is one of the most tedious parts of the game, which may take quite a lot of time.  Overgear has tons of Gil for sale on different servers to protect you from monotonous farming. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via online chat!


    • Chosen amount of Gils on any server;
    • All safety measures are taken by our team.
    • Choose the correct Home-world Server;
    • Press "Buy now" and choose a convenient payment method. All methods are world-famous and verified;
    • Refund is available at any stage before the order is finished;
    • Once the order is placed, clarify your Character name;
    • Stay online in your Home-world Server and be ready to trade ;
    • Delivery takes 15-60 minutes.
    • 100% legal currency farmed by our suppliers and farming teams;
    • We will send you a location ping;
    • We store Gil on specific characters and deliver it from human-like characters only;
    • We never talk about RMT in-game. All details are discussed on the site.


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    Is buying FF14 Gil safe?

    We take every safety measure possible, so yes, Overgear's Gil is safe to buy. With years of practice, you can put all of your trust in us! We'll do the job in no time and guarantee your account's safety.

    Can you buy Gil legally in FFXIV?

    No, you can't. There is no in-game FF 14 store where you can FFXIV buy Gil. You'll be banned if you even talk about this topic in chat. This whole idea of buying FFXIV Gil in-game is an unsafe topic. So the best way to buy FF14 Gil is to get it from us! Jump right into the Overgear and buy FFXIV gold in any amount.

    What is the fastest way to get Gil FFXIV?

    There're many ways how to obtain Gill. One of the best ways to make Gil in FFXIV quickly involves crafting and gathering professions. At the same time, other good ways to make Gil consistently involve combat. Gil should flow from most players passively accruing by running various in-game dungeons to the crafters who sell them gear and consumables and on to the gatherers who sell materials to the crafters. Though many players do it all, there are still more combat-focused players than not. Hence, they get top billing. If you want to skip this pointless grind, buy FF14 gold from us right now!

    Final Fantasy XIV Gil
    [Chaos] Cerberus
    [Chaos] Cerberus
    [Chaos] Louisoix
    [Chaos] Moogle
    [Chaos] Omega
    [Chaos] Ragnarok
    [Chaos] Spriggan
    [Light] Lich
    [Light] Odin
    [Light] Phoenix
    [Light] Shiva
    [Light] Twintania
    [Light] Zodiark
    [Chaos] Phantom
    [Chaos] Sagittarius
    [Light] Raiden
    [Light] Alpha