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    FFXIV Coaching Savage Ultimate

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    Stop wasting time with randoms. Practice the winning strategies. We will explain all the raid mechanics and teach you the positioning and movement, your skills rotation, timings, and limits. Buy FFXIV Mentoring Ultimate or Savage, lose the fear of disappointment, and try new things! After the coaching session ends, you will discover where and how to learn even further.

    Our pro players come from the top guilds. They will patiently explain your mistakes and offer solutions they would use themselves. Learn their tips and tricks. Boosters will also share their experience of working with the best players, staying positive, and finding a party.

    Note: Be advised that due to the World Race, basic completion time can be increased up to 10 days.


    • Valuable experience in the most challenging PvE content;
    • Good pastime with communicative team players;
    • New fight mechanics learning;
    • The best players' tips and tricks.


    • With one PRO — theory-based personal coaching. Get the UI settings and logs analysis;
    • In a group of PROs — practice-based coaching. Play raid with 7 professionals. Not a run. You will learn positioning and movement, Areas of Effects to avoid, and boss patterns. You will practice timings and limits. Get insights on your class abilities and items.
    • You need to have at least one job at level 90;
    • Your job should be geared at a 580 item level.
    • We will contact you in the live chat or via email. Ask any questions;
    • We will create a special Discord channel for you and your FFXIV coach or coaches;
    • You will join their team and proceed to the hardest PvE content available;
    • Coaches will ask you about your desires, comment on your in-game decisions, practice group interactions, and discuss and explain the unseen difficulties;
    • Time to try everything yourself! And do not forget to rate us on Trustpilot.


    Hourly based
    24/7 Online Support
    Best PROs in FFXIV

    FFXIV Coaching Ultimate Savage FAQ

    How do I get good at FFXIV?

    • Learn positioning and movement, especially all the Areas of Effects to avoid in each fight;
    • Know how to find and keep good players by your side for games to come;
    • Learn the best grinding locations, paths, timings, and limits. Have a teleport registered nearby to save time on traveling between them and vendors;
    • Complete FATEs and purchase the area riding maps;
    • Know your items to spiritbound;
    • Read guides on your class. By the way, some of the best are written by our PROs ;)
    • Learn your rotations and then deepen into the fight mechanics;
    • Ask for help!

    Our FFXIV professional coaches will share the essential knowledge with you!

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