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WoW Classic Vanilla boost is ideal for those veterans who want to have lots of items, gold and characters with a high level without wasting hours and even months. On Vanilla servers we can carry your character on boring activities and all you have to do is enjoy the content of WoW Classic.

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      What is the difference between WoW Classic Vanilla and WoW The Burning Crusade?

      The main difference is that WoW Vanilla is generally less casual than Burning Crusade. Raiding is 40 man and as a result harder to co-ordinate. PvP is Battlegrounds only and the honor system requires so much honor farming that it's borderline unhealthy. Dungeons do not have heroic mode and do not give currency to access a higher level of gear.

      Also, WoW Classiс is boring and too difficult for new players at the beginning. But high-end content really worth it.

      Why should I choose Overgear carry service?

      Overgear can help you with all of that stuff! With our professional boosters, you can forget about wasting lots of time while resource farming, clearing zones, killing the same mobs, doing lots of quests. With our WoW Vanilla boost service, you will enjoy high-end content without doing boring activities

      Why should I buy WoW Classic Era boost?

      First of all, you save your own time. Leveling in Vanilla can take weeks and even months. If you don't have so much time, Overgear boost is ideal for you.

      Secondly, boost is the solution for those, who decided to switch their main characters to alts.

      Thirdly, if you want to be the best in WoW Classic Vanilla or need specific gear to be on the top of WoW Classic players, Overgear can carry your character.

      Do you use bots or scripts?

      No, we don’t. Every order is completed by the hands of real people.

      Who is completing orders?

      All of our players are experienced boosters. While your order is in the process, you always have a Discord chat with your booster.

      Can I choose boosting time?

      Yes, you can! You’re the one who’s setting the WoW Classic Boost schedule.

      Do you allow refunds?

      If something goes wrong, which is an extremely rare situation, you can get a refund. But a refund is not the only option here.