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    Classic Era Dungeons Boost

    Buy WoW Classic Era Dungeons Boost and complete any dungeon you want. You can finally forget about failed runs and noobs in your group. Our boosters will defeat every boss using the best possible tactics and strategies for every dungeon. Get pre-raid loot, complete dungeon-related quests and finish other challenges with our Classic Era dungeon carries.

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    These are Classic Era only boosting services. If you need help on Hardcore servers, check out our Classic Hardcore Dungeons boosts.

    Classic Era Dungeons Service FAQ

    Can you do dungeons in WoW Classic?

    Of course! It'd be easier to imagine WoW without orcs and humans than without its iconic dungeons. Even in Classic Era you’ll find nearly 20 dungeons to explore, each offering valuable high-level gear. While the best gear awaits you in raids, dungeons are equally important, since they are where you’ll find most of your pre-raid gear.

    How many dungeons are in the classic era?

    There’s a total of 19 dungeons in WoW Classic that you’ll come across while exploring Azeroth and doing quests:



    What is the first dungeon in the classic era?

    To ease the players into the dungeon exploration without unnecessary problems, Horde and Alliance have separate first dungeons. Horde players will start by exploring the hot underground tunnels of the Ragefire Chasm, while Alliance players start with the Deadmines. The former is available at level 13, while Alliance players will have to wait until level 18 to enter the latter.

    What level range are dungeons in the classic era?

    While there are a couple of starting dungeons for level 10+ players, the dungeon-dwelling experience truly starts at levels 20+. From this point on, you’d always have new dungeons to explore every 5-10 levels, all the way up to level 60, which you’d be raiding for pre-raid gear and other rare rewards.

    What is the hardest dungeon in the classic era?

    It’s hard to say with complete certainty which dungeon should be considered the hardest, as there are multiple endgame dungeons for players to explore and each of them present players with different kinds of problems. Depending on your level, gear, experience and group, your opinion on the most challenging dungeon may also differ. But no matter what dungeon gives you trouble, our professional boosters are ready to aid you! All that being said, here’s the list of dungeons which can be considered to be the hardest in Classic Era:

    • The Temple of Atal'Hakkar
    • Blackrock Depths
    • Blackrock Spire
    • Scholomance
    • Stratholme
    • Dire Maul

    How to join dungeons in WoW Classic?

    Unlike future expansions of WoW, there’s no Group Finder in Classic Era. Rather than pure efficiency, WoW Classic was putting more focus on player’s immersion and socialization. Thus, to look for a group to go into the dungeon with, players had to join guilds, text into the game chat or look for players outside of the dungeon entrance. Of course, nowadays, there’s also a wide variety of ways to find people to play with outside the game itself.