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    Classic Era Gearing

    Buy WoW Classic Era Gearing service and get the best possible equipment for your character, including T3 gear sets or pre-raid gear for fresh characters. Avoid the monotonous farming process and gear up your character as quickly as possible!

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    These are Classic Era only boosting services. If you need help on Hardcore servers, check out our Classic Hardcore gearing services.

    Classic Era Gearing Service FAQ

    Where to get gear in WoW Classic?

    In World of Warcraft, increasing the power of your characters by leveling them, learning new skills and getting new gear is pretty much the main point of the game. As such, pretty much any activity in the game can get you gear of some kind. You may loot it from a fallen enemy, get for quest completion, find it in a chest, buy from a merchant, trade with other players or even craft one yourself. That being said, the best gear is usually either crafted or retrieved by the players from dungeons and raids.

    What is BiS gear in WoW Classic?

    BiS means “Best in Slot” and refers to the equipment that is generally considered to be objectively the best piece of equipment the players can possibly get in the game for any particular slot of their character’s gear. You’ll likely encounter this term in most other MMORPGs. Usually, there’s little argument over what gear is BiS, as these pieces of equipment are objectively better than anything else in the game by the numbers alone.

    What is pre BiS gear in WoW Classic?

    Pre-BiS gear is pretty self explanatory when you think about it — it's the best gear you can get before acquiring BiS gear. Generally, it means the gear you get from Dungeons so that later you can use it to go into the Raids. Though, it can also refer to the crafted gear or gear from previous raids. Once again, the origin doesn't really matter, as it refers to any gear you may need to get through the challenges of the next raid and get actual BiS gear.

    Can you trade gear in WoW Classic?

    While loot trading was not part of the Vanilla WoW, added into the game only with the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, it was considered to be a quality-of-life feature too important to leave aside. Thus, players can trade loot in WoW Classic, albeit with some slight alterations as to not ruin the intended experience. Mainly, there’s only a two-hour window to trade soulbound gear in raids and in five-person activities, soulbound look cannot be traded at all.

    What is the rarest WoW Classic gear?

    WoW is no stranger to incredibly rare loot and Classic Era is no exception. There are certain pieces of gear that some players are still trying to get in the retail version of the game, while most have simply given up. Among some of the rarest WoW classic equipment are Tiered gear from the raids, as well as legendary and some epic weapons and mounts. If you also want to become an owner of these renowned artifacts, but don’t want to spend weeks, months or even years of your life on grind, our pro boosters are here to heed your call!

    Can I buy gear in WoW Classic?

    Purchasing gear is a legitimate way of suiting up in World of Warcraft. NPC vendors can help you patch up the holes in your current build and the right purchase might just be what you needed to finally push through the next dungeon. On the other hand, you can also buy much better gear directly from other players, but that just might cost you an arm and a leg - or at least a hefty amount of gold.