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    Classic Era Raids Boosting

    Buy WoW Classic Raid Services to complete the toughest challenges you'll find in the endgame of Classic Era. Raids is where the most fun part of WoW experience starts, but also the most demanding one. Some goals are extremely hard to achieve, especially if you don’t have a dedicated team. Whether you need a certain loot, unlock related achievements or just need a reliable group to venture into these deathtraps, Overgear is ready to help you out!

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    These are Classic Era only boosting services. If you need help on Hardcore servers, check out our Classic Hardcore raids boosts.

    Classic Era raids service FAQ

    Does WoW Classic have raids?

    Absolutely! Classic WoW had quite a fair share of raids even before its first major expansion, The Burning Crusade. And while many of them came out after the initial release, two were in the game from the very beginning. These two are, of course, Onyxia’s Lair and Molten Core. 

    Looking back, it’s amazing what an incredible journey these two raids were able to provide to the players. Onyxia’s Lair attunement alone sent the players on epic quests with a dragon boss fight serving as grand culmination. And yet, even that can be considered a mere preparation for the many dangers that awaited the players in the legendary Molten Core.

    Does WoW classic have 40 man raids?

    You bet it does! Most likely, the vast majority of current WoW players aren’t even aware that WoW once had raids for a whopping 40 people groups! But indeed, it did. Now, while the raid of such large scale sounds enticing, the reality has proven that such instances were too difficult to design, balance and maintain, proven to be too unstable to keep them. 

    Ever since then, the max size of all WoW raids has been 20 people. However, in WoW Classic, the raids have kept their original size! So, if you want to experience for yourself what kind of chaos having a 40 person party is, hop right in!

    How long are WoW classic raids?

    It’s extremely hard to answer, because the time required to complete the raid is very dependent on the experience of the raid team, as well as the type of raid itself. That being said, even if we imagine the scenario in which the raid group manages to progress through the raid without getting wiped, these runs can easily take several hours to complete. Even a highly proficient team would generally need at least an hour to complete a proper raid. And for more casual players, it can easily take 2-4 hours, or even more, if they are making serious mistakes.

    What is the oldest WoW raid?

    Both Onyxia’s Lair and Molten core are the very first raids to be in World of Warcraft, both being part of the initial release. However, purely on a sentimental level, we can count Onyxia’s Lair as the first, purely by being the first raid the players were able to clear, with Molten Core taking the community almost half a year before Ragnaros was finally defeated for the first time.

    What is the hardest WoW Classic raid?

    When WoW just came out, Molten Core was definitely the hardest and required players many months before the raid was finally conquered for the first time. But looking at all the raids that were released in Classic, Naxxramas would have to be the most difficult one. It had a lot of reasons for that, such as the sheer amount of demanding bosses you had to face in this flying necropolis. That being said, it had a very good reason for being the most difficult one, simply being the last raid to come out in WoW Classic before the expansions came along.

    Can you solo WoW Classic raids?

    While it’s possible to solo Vanilla raids in the retail version of WoW due to the increased level cap and an immense power creep it created, you won’t be able to pull the same thing in WoW Classic. Even Onyxia’s Lair, arguably one of the easiest Classic Era raids, still would require a large group of high-level players to complete it. So, once again, just because those were some of the first raids introduced in the game, don’t mistake them for being easy. They only became such once the players became too overpowered in comparison.