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    Expeditions in New World is a great way to find high-tier gear and level up your character. Boost your weapon mastery, and farm some nice loot! You will need a key to enter any Expedition, and we can help you to get them!

    Mutated Expedition offers a new challenge and great rewards. Get Umbral Shards and boost your gear to 625 LVL.

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      What are the Expeditions in New World and how difficult they are?

      Expeditions are dungeons for five players that take place in closed-off spaces featuring a large amount of powerful enemies and Boss opponent at the end. Each Expedition has different activities, storylines, quests and challenges. Expeditions are more difficult than other standard overworld activities. They require skill and coordination between other players in the team.

      Expeditions are similar to other MMO RPG games because they have different areas, difficult enemies. But in New World, you have to solve unique puzzles and mechanisms in each expedition.

      How Many Expeditions are there in New World?

      Each expedition tells its own story and gives you a unique experience. Expeditions have loot and gear unique to that experience to incentivize exploring and conquering the various expeditions spread throughout Aeternum. Now in New World there are 6 Expeditions that you can complete:

      1. Amrine Excavation.
      2. Shattered Obelisk.
      3. The Depths.
      4. Dynasty Shipyard.
      5. Lazarus Instrumentality.
      6. Garden Of Genesis.

      But for new players, they are challenging and hard to be completed because they require good skill and fast coordination with a team. But in rewards, you will have powerful gear and the best items. So, don't spend hours trying to complete one of these Expeditions. Let Overgear help you! With our service guarantee you flawless runs with our professional team of boosters.

      How to enter Expeditions?

      Main Story. In order to unlock Expeditions, you have to progress through the Main Story until you have reached the Destiny Unearthed quest. This quest allows you access to the first dungeon, The Amrine Excavation.

      Tuning Orbs. Also, to be able to enter expeditions, at least one member of the party must possess the corresponding Tuning Orb, which can be acquired either by crafting via the Stonecutting Table or Quests.

      Required level. All players are also recommended to reach a specific level for each expedition. The enemies in the dungeons are tough even if you have recommended level, so you may want to level up before diving in!

      Party. It is very hard to complete Expeditions with random people, so you need to form a party with other players who are waiting outside the dungeon or form a party with friends. Without good coordination, it will be difficult for you to run at least one expedition.

      Which rewards can I bring from Expeditions in New World?

      As you level up, good weapons and trinkets will be hard to come by. Expeditions will bridge this deficit by offering you the chance to significantly boost your gear score with weapon and trinket rewards that are scaled for your level bracket. So, here is the list of rewards:

      1. Rare crafting materials;
      2. EXP and Gold;
      3. Upgrade your Gear Score;
      4. Weapon Mastery points;
      5. Achievements for defeating bosses.

      As an example, the Amrine Expedition boasts amazing Tier 3 rewards that can carry you from levels 25 to 35 easily. This is why it is a required expedition to progress the main story quest.