Mutated Lazarus Instrumentality

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Buy Mutated Lazarus Instrumentality full run, and get Umbral Shards to level up your gear! The higher the Mutation level the more shards you will get. Mutated Dungeon runs also offer Coins and even Legendary Gear as rewards.

There is a list of required Gear level for mutated dungeons. You can check it out down bellow in the spoiler section.

You will get a free streaming service for any Piloted order.

Note: Please, turn off the Steam Remote Play function to avoid any difficulties during the execution of the order.


  • Mutated Lazarus Instrumentality Full Run;
  • Guaranteed Completion on Bronze or Higher;
  • Rewards for Mutated completion and Expedition run: Umbral Shards, Gear, Coins;
  • Codex Boost.


  • your order will be started in the first 6 hours after the purchase;
  • completion time is about 3 hours for one Mutated Expedition run.

Keep in mind, that by choosing certain gear level, ETA will be higher.

  • New World account with the 60 level character on the desired server;
  • Your GS should match the required GS for Mutated Level;

Gear score:

  • 1 level - normal - 602 GS
  • 2 level - normal - 604 GS
  • 3 level - Intermediate - 606 GS
  • 4 level - Intermediate - 608 GS
  • 5 level - Intermediate - 610 GS
  • 6 level - hard - 613 GS
  • 7 level - hard - 616 GS
  • 8 level - hard - 619 GS
  • 9 level - elite - 622 GS
  • 10 level - elite - 625 GS


  • select preferred options, your region, and place an order;
  • we will contact you via our live chat or by sending an email;
  • all the details will be discussed beforehand and the start time will be set according to your schedule;
  • we’ll find you an experienced booster who fits in your schedule the best;
  • for your convenience, we will create a Discord chat where you can communicate with your manager and track order progress;
  • at the appointed time, our professional player will boost you;
  • enjoy the results! And don’t forget to rate our services on Trustpilot.

If you still have some questions or want some unusual options — feel free to text us! Even at 3:00 AM :) We're 24/7 online!


  • The only difference from the piloted mode is that you play your character instead of our booster;
  • You will get an in-game invitation to join the raid.


Guaranteed Completion
24/7 support service
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New World Mutated Lazarus Instrumentality FAQ

What is New World Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition Location?

You can find this Expedition directly North of the Settlement of Reekwater. The entrance to the Expedition is located inside the arch pictured below. Keep in mind, that this Expedition is a high-level content. You can't just get to the max-level and jump straight into this content. You'll need to waste tons of your time on endless grind to get to the point of getting into this Expedition. If you don't feel like getting all of this gear is worth your time, then you should just buy our New World Mutated Lazarus Instrumentality boost and forget about this hustle.

What type of mobs are in Lazarus?

The Lazarus Instrumentality contains mostly Ancient foes who are weak to Strike, Lightning, and Void types of damage, while being strong against Slash and Fire damage. You'll need weapons, which can deal Strike or Lightning damage which help a great deal in conquering the challenges of this expedition. You can also use Infused Ancient Coatings to increase your damage in this Expedition, but we would recommend saving them for parts that you struggle with. You'll need to watch a couple of guides to learn more about this Expedition. Or you can buy our New World Mutated Lazarus Instrumentality carry services and we'll get this job done.

What gear score do you need for Lazarus?

Here you can see a short list of required gear score:

  • 1 (Normal) - 602 Gear Score
  • 2 (Normal) - 604 Gear Score
  • 3 (Intermediate) - 606 Gear Score
  • 4 (Intermediate) - 608 Gear Score
  • 5 (Intermediate) - 610 Gear Score
  • 6 (Hard) - 613 Gear Score
  • 7 (Hard) - 616 Gear Score
  • 8 (Hard) - 619 Gear Score
  • 9 (Elite) - 622 Gear Score
  • 10 (Elite) - 625 Gear Score
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