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    Level up any Gathering, Refining, or Crafting profession you want. Fast boost service with the best prices. With a high-level profession, you will be able to gather any resources in New World, and craft Tier V Gear with 600 GS!

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      What are the trade skills in New World?

      Buying trade skills allow you to gather resources, refine and craft some useful stuff. Trade Skills are divided into three types: Gathering Skills, Refining Skills and Crafting Skills. They all help you to earn coins with the professions.

      Gathering Skills in New World

      Gathering Skills help you to harvest and collect throughout the land of Aeternum. Trade skills leveling will allow players to gather high-tier resources, opening up the way to refine and craft powerful items and equipment! There are 5 Gathering Skills in New World:

      1. Fishing;
      2. Harvesting;
      3. Logging;
      4. Mining;
      5. Skinning.

      Refining Skills in New World

      This trade skill boost help you to turn resources into usable material for crafting. Increasing the level of each skill will allow players to refine high-tier resources into precious materials. There are 5 Refining Skills in New World:

      1. Smelting;
      2. Stonecutting;
      3. Leatherworking;
      4. Weaving;
      5. Woodworking.

      Crafting Skills in New World

      Buying skill boost allows players to make different kinds of items ranging from weapons, armor, food, and even house furniture. Increasing the level of each skill will allow players to craft rare and powerful items! There are 7 different Crafting Skills in New World:

      1. Arcana;
      2. Armoring;
      3. Cooking;
      4. Engineering;
      5. Jewelcrafting;
      6. Furnishing;
      7. Weaponsmithing.

      How can I level up Trade Skills?

      In order to level up your trade skills, players must perform gathering, refining, and crafting tasks repeatedly until enough XP is earned to increase a particular skill's level. For example, mining ore continuously will level up your Mining trade skill. But leveling up Mining or Fishing, for example, will not level up the other Gathering Skills. With our carry team, you can forget about grinding and boring activities and enjoy value from upgraded Trade Skills.