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    New World Power Leveling FAQ

    What is the max level New World?

    Right now the level cap for your character in New World is 60 level. This means you can't progress directly any further by getting more experience. On 60 level you will get all 190 attribute points and be able to use the best gear in the game. All gear has requirements and to use top-tier items you need to be 60 lvl.

    60 level also unlocks all possible activities: end game Expeditions, Outpost Rush, Invasions, and more.

    How do you level up fast in the New World?

    First of all, to boost your character you really have to know everything about the game, like our boosters do. The main quest will not give you enough experience to get maximum level, so it's all about efficient multitasking. New World leveling requires a lot of skills.

    PvP is New World offers you great rewards, so you should always be in PvP mode to get some extra experience from killing other players.

    While you travel around the New World, you should always do some other things to get the maximum experience and loot. Try to farm mobs on your way or help others in PvE, because you will get the full experience for each mob if you hit them even once. Don't forget about gathering resources, this activity also gives you exp.

    The largest source of New World leveling is Town Missions. You should know that PvP tasks have greater rewards compare to PvE quests. There are also Fractions missions that you should never miss.

    What is the fastest way to level up in New World?

    As you can see above, boost your leveling is pretty tough in New World. But Overgear is always glad to help you with power leveling services! Buy our leveling services for a cheap price is the fastest way to level up your character and save a lot of time!