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    Mutated Barnacle and Black Powder

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    Mutated Barnacle and Black Powder is the latest Expedition in the New World. Get yourself Tier V gear here! This Expedition is not just the hardest of all the previous ones but it's also the end of the main storyline. And with this Expedition, you can get yourself so much great new gear and weapons. Forget about crafting RNG! Here named gear is worth fighting for!

    Barnacles & Black Powder is a level 65 expedition located at the bottom tip of Cutlass Keys. It is an end-game expedition and is part of the expedition mutation rotation. It has a couple of mini-bosses and two actual bosses - Admiral Blackpowder and Neredid. These are a couple of hard bosses that you'll need to learn the mechanics of and attack patterns in order to defeat, but the rewards are worth it!

    With our services, you'll be able to forget about learning strategies and mechanics. Stop thinking about grinding all needed consumables. Forget about the pointless grind and annoying teammates. We'll get this job done in no time.


    • Please, turn off the Steam Remote Play function to avoid any difficulties during the execution of the order.
    What you will get
    • The desired amount of Barnacle and Black Powder Expedition runs;
    • Chance to get Tier V gear (up to 600 Gear Score);
    • All of the Coins and Loot.
    Additional options
    • Stream — pick this option to see how our booster is executing your order live. Stream record is available.
    Leaderboard this week
    • Up to rank 25 — if you want to be on the table at mutation level 10, we will go through the expedition as quickly as possible, so other players will not overtake you. Expedition tables are updated every week. Rewards: Title Hero of Barnackles and black powder, Armor Skin with the title's name. Exclusion: Australia.
    • Level 65;
    • Level 1 - Intermediate, 650 GS;
    • Level 2 - Hard, 675 GS;
    • Level 3 - Elite, 695 GS.


    • Select preferred options, your region, and place an order;
    • We will contact you via our live chat or by sending an email;
    • All the details will be discussed beforehand and the start time will be set according to your schedule;
    • We’ll find you an experienced booster who fits your schedule the best;
    • For your convenience, we will create a Discord chat where you can communicate with your manager and track order progress;
    • At the appointed time, our professional player will boost you;
    • Enjoy the results! And don’t forget to rate our services on Trustpilot.

    If you still have some questions or want some unusual options — feel free to text us! Even at 3:00 AM :) We're 24/7 online!

    New world mutated barnacle and black powder faq

    What is new world barnacle and black powder expedition location?

    You can find this new Expedition in Aeternum at the bottom tip of Cutlass Keys. For to gain access to it, you'll need one Tuning Orb and level 60. Also, you'll need a five-player group. We suggest you get your average gear score up to 600. If you don't have any of those things, then consider getting our boosing services now. Just enjoy your rewards without any problems.

    What are barnacle and black powder expedition drops?

    This Expedition is full of various gear and weapons. Unlike many previous Expeditions, in this one, you can get really good named items. Forget about RNG crafting and hoping to get useful stats on your weapons. Now you can obtain all of this right from the bosses and elite mobs. Even though the drop chance is not that generous. You can spend weeks getting the desirable loot. Not to mention, that you'll need a certain watermark level to even have a chance of obtaining it. If you don't want to waste all this time on the pointesll grind, then get our New World Barnacle and Black Powder Expedition boost right now!

    How to

    You'll need to complete a special quest-chain in the Cutlass Keys settlement. After completing it, you'll get a quest for this new expedition. You'll get a bunch of reputation farms, gold, EXP and many more rewards. If all of this sounds like a chore to you, then you can just get our carry services right here and forget about all of this time-wasting!

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