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    Tarkov Power Leveling & Gear Boosting

    Boost your character up to 55 level or get powerful gear packages for your character in the Escape From Tarkov. Buy boost on Overgear and jump straight to the endgame!

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    You will need a high level to increase the reputation with traders, so we are providing gear packages with both leveling and reputation farming. You will also get lots of loot, weapons, and equipment during those services. Buy Escape From Tarkov power leveling today.

    Escape from Tarkov Leveling FAQ

    What is the fastest way to level up in Tarkov?

    There are simple rules to get more experience in Raids:

    • inspect all loot that you see;
    • always check all dead bodies in every Raid, you will get a lot of exp;
    • kill as much enemies, as you can;
    • try to survive in the Raid to get 1.3x bonus multiplier;
    • do all the quest you have unlocked.

    Is there a max level in Tarkov?

    Yes, there is! 99 level of PMC is the maximum level that you can achieve in Tarkov. But it's almost impossible. Also, you don't need so high a level because you unlock all reputation levels with traders before 45.