Tarkov Collector & Kappa Container Quest

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To gain access to the "Collector" quest, you should be 71 level and complete all the mandatory quests in the game. This can take a very long time when the pouch becomes less relevant. The faster you get the Kappa, the more comfortable and interesting your gameplay in Tarkov will be.

To obtain Kappa, you have to complete the very last quest in the game "Collector" and bring more than 18 rare and very valuable items to Fence. Moreover, these items must be marked “found in the raid”. It is quite difficult to find these items and leave the area alive, due to other players are looking for these items too.

So, Secure Container Kappa:

  • the largest container in the game with 12 cells, that allows you to hide your loot inside and don't lose it after death;
  • it is very difficult to get Kappa by yourself, you need to be 71 level, complete all main quests and the final "Collector" quest;
  • the sooner you obtain Kappa, the more profit you will get.

We will match the price if you already have some progress in leveling and questing!


  • 71 level of your character!
  • all loot and roubles obtained during this long way to 71;
  • the best secure container Kappa in Escape from Tarkov;
  • completed quest “Collector”, saved time and respect from others PMC!


  • Escape from Tarkov account.


  • your order will start in the first 24 hours after the purchase;
  • completion time depends on your level of progress and completed quests.


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The largest secure container Kappa with 12 cells.
71 level of you character!
The most valuable loot obtained during boosting

Secure containers are one of the most useful and important items in the game. Everything that is hidden in the pouch will remain with you even after an unsuccessful raid. Any Tarkov player wants to get the largest container as soon as possible. And we can help you with this!


What is Kappa in Tarkov?

Kappa container is the best secure pouch in the game which offers 12 cells for loot, that you will not lose in case of death!

What does the Kappa case in Tarkov do?

The secured case is one of the most important and useful items in Tarkov. You can place any pouch in a special slot of your PMC and this case provides some additional space for loot, that you will never lose in case of death in Raid. Sounds great, yes? But the most amazing thing is that Kappa Container provides 12 cells vs 4 cells in basic pouch.

How do you get Kappa Container in Tarkov?

To get the best secure container Kappa, you have to do all objectives from this checklist:

  • complete all missions from the quest list. It's about 70% of all the quests in Tarkov;
  • take the Collector quest and obtain more than 20 rare loot items with the mark. It means that you should find these rare items and exit with them from the Raid alive!
  • the last objective of Kappa quest is to have 71 level of your PMC. It's an unbelievable high level that can take more than 3 months to get it!

Is Level 71 required for Kappa?

Yes, Tarkov Collector quest requires you to be at least 71 level. But with Overgear you can achieve it in 30 days.

Collector Quest
30 days order completion