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    Keys are numerous. And doors are closed because there is something big behind them. When you are at the door you may have not the right one. You should go off in search of it. But the random key generation is cruel and may give you only the wrong and useless keys. If you decide to trade one, none may be bought for money, and possibly you don't have that exact expensive item that other player wants for barter. Actually, you would like to get it yourself with a key! And after all, keys are consumables and run out. Do not despair! Buy EFT keys and key cards and key cards and we will make sure you get your hands on them. All keys are full charged.


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    What do key cards and keys do in Tarkov?

    Using keys and keycards is an alternative way to get richer besides PvP. You can enter The Lab or open a closed door and gain access to high-end loot of any kind. It upgrades your survivability and ability to compete. It also increases your wealth overall.

    Where are the key cards in Tarkov?

    You might loot a key card from a boss. Pockets and bags of SCAVs may also contain some.

    How do you farm keys in Tarkov?

    If you make a loot run for any keys, you should focus on jackets and leave no stone unturned. The Lighthouse map is the best map to create an optimal route. Be aware that many players are working on the same task and will be glad to loot your body just in case.