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    Escape from Tarkov Roubles

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    Buy Tarkov Roubles to loot raids for cash! We will carry you through, and you will take every valuable drop. You may keep the gear you like — it counts toward the order. Ask your booster or manager. Got in the last raid more than ordered? It is yours!

    Buy cheap roubles. It is the main currency in the game. Get barter items, upgrade your hideout, and stock up on consumables, ammunition, and keys! Be prepared for any raid without a dull grind.


    • Any amount of roubles;
    • Character experience and PMC skills boost.


    We refuse to trade unsafely: face to face or at the Flea Market. Instead, Overgear provides you with a Premium Service that blends into the natural game process and thus cannot be detected and become a basis for any restrictive measures. Yes — it costs more, but we are proud to have no bans!


    • Your order execution will start in the first 24 hours after purchase;
    • Orders over 15 000 000 rubles are huge to farm, and your booster needs rest, so completion time increases up to 48 hours.


    • Market unlock — we will get your character to the 15th level and unlock the Flea Market;
    • Stream — we will stream all the farming processes for you.
    • 15th level character to be able to sell all the loot on the Flea Market.
    • We will contact you in the live chat or by email;
    • We will create a Discord chat for you and your booster;
    • The booster will pilot your character, or you will join his team for self-play;
    • They will carry you through one of the raids to loot high-priced items (counts towards the order) and consult if you don't know the item's worth;
    • They will accompany you to the location exit for safety;
    • We will help you to sell that loot for roubles in the most profitable way;
    • Time to spend! And don’t forget to rate us on Trustpilot.


    Get any amount
    24/7 Online Support
    5 stars on Trustpilot

    EFT Roubles Farm FAQ

    Can you buy money in EFT?

    Of course, we provide you with a legal way to buy Tarkov Rubles! Why should this be a problem if you can run a raid with your friends? Overgear has a wealth of experience to make it fast, safe, and enjoyable.

    What should I spend my roubles on in Tarkov?

    Anything on the Flea Market! Get firearms with top upgrades, reliable armor, and any consumables:

    • Weapon. Since it is a first-person shooter, you are looking for at least one good. Choose in a wide range: from a long-range sniper rifle with high-caliber rounds to the SMG for close combat. Or maybe you prefer classic assault rifles with many variants for customization. Nice AK or M4 are between 100,000–200,000₽! 
    • Modules for your weapon. What do you think of an Optic Sight with 4.0x or simple Holo sight, a silencer for stealth action, and a foregrip to prevent the recoil? Nice functional mods are always more pricey than a gun itself! And this is not the end;
    • Consumables go for another 200,000–300,000₽ every raid! It is a lot of ammunition, medicine, and maybe some hand grenades. So buy eft Roubles and always keep some in reserve;
    • Hideout seeks your love and upgrades! Imagine being able to install even the Bitcoin miner; 
    • Keys and keycards can be found at the Flea Market and stay relevant at any game stage. Unlock new routes, open stashes, loot the high-end gear rooms, finish your quests and help your new and old in-game friends keep up with you! The price varies.
    • Barter items to change for anything else you need.

    We also recommend you to find the following items after buying roubles Tarkov:

    • Lucky Scav Junk box is a container for barter items with 196 inventory slots and only 4x4 size. In the summer of 2022, loyalty level 1 Therapist sells it for 1,106,138₽.
    • Items case is a container with 64 inventory slots and a 4x4 size. It can store anything but a couple of other cases. In the summer of 2022, find it at Therapist loyalty level 3 for ~2,319,061₽.

    How do you get rubles in Tarkov?

    • Learn at least one map with all specific locations with expensive valuables;
    • You should know the prices of the loot and which items should be hidden in the pouch;
    • Use your Scavs! These are your workhorses!
    • If you need currency right now, buy roubles on Overgear.

    How do you get more roubles in Escape from Tarkov?

    Use our advice from the previous question. But there are several ways to get even more Roubles in EfT:

    • Complete daily and weekly quests;
    • Always sell your loot to the correct Trader. Some offer high prices on certain items. For example, the Therapist will be delighted with any luxury item you have;
    • Try to build Bitcoin Farm ASAP;
    • You can always become better: try raids boost or learning maps in Coaching.

    How do you get millions of roubles in Tarkov?

    We like your greed! The best tactic is to play with your SCAV. Get him and collect here and there and seek unlucky PMCs. Consider trying the runs around 5 minutes: spawn and head to the exit, collecting everything you see. Keep it as short as you can. Just remember that your SCAV has a separate level and skills progression. Yes, you can do the same with your PMC, but you will regret it much more if he dies instead of SCAV. And to have no fears in Escape from Tarkov buy roubles on Overgear!

    Can you trade dollars for roubles in Tarkov?

    There is no way to do it directly. But it's not a problem! All you have to do is spend your dollars on goods from the Peacekeeper. Then you can sell it to other traders. We also have dollars for sale but recommend buying rubles.

    How many roubles are in a dollar, Tarkov?

    Currencies exchange rates in the game are a dynamic system like in the real world. You should check Peacekeeper trader and find dollars in his showcase menu to know the exact rate. For example, on 24 December of 2021, today, 1$ costs 125₽.

    Buy Escape from Tarkov roubles today!

    EFT currency for the best prices directly from Overgear. Friendly customer service and fast delivery time. We are working in every region. Don’t waste your time on the grind and buy roubles Tarkov. You can place an order and be contacted within an hour. You can use it to purchase weapons, ammo, equipment, and everything else you want. It is the main game currency!

    Where can you get roubles?

    If you wait for a better time to buy rubles, you need to grind valuable items or complete challenging quests to get enough currency to purchase vital equipment. 

    • Loot raids, especially the locked places;
    • Complete quests;
    • Trade for items on the marketplace;
    • Or sell everything to NPC traders instantly.

    Don’t forget about insurance before going out. You may lose everything in a minute after respawn! It is much easier to buy roubles in Escape From Tarkov.

    3 hours order completion