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    Tarkov Ultimate Boosting Pack

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    Buy the fastest boost to level 42 and jump right into the endgame. All traders with level 4 reputation and all the loot are kept on your account. You will get high-tier gear, weapons, and money during this boost. It will take about 15-20 days to complete. You can ask for some special items to grind or custom weapons to get.

    We will match the price if you already have some progress in leveling!


    • 1-42 Leveling boost;
    • All traders level 4;
    • 30 million roubles in Cash!
    • Lots of completed quests — you will save your time!


    • Express - completion with a high priority with a start in an hour and completion time will be reduced by 20%;
    • Hideout upgrade (without Solar Power & Stash) - we will build all modules for hideout excluding Solar Panel & Stash 4
    • Full Hideout upgrade - we will build all hideout modules;
    • Stream - we will stream all the bosting processes for you.

    Place an order;

    • We contact you in the live chat to clarify all details and set the run time;
    • We pick a team based on your preferences and will start to earn XP by completing raids and quests;
    • We will create a discord chat for quicker communication between you and a booster so you will be able to track the progress of your order;
    • For the self-play option — your PMC should have full health and be without any injuries, hunger, or thirst.
    • Enjoy the results!

    If you still have some questions or want some unique options — feel free to text us! Even at 3:00 AM :) We're 24/7 online!

    • Edge of Darkness account


    Boost to 42 level
    Level 4 reputation with traders
    Lots of endgame weapons and equipment

    If you want to get nice loadout, you will definitely need the reputation from NPC traders. Achieve 40 level and unlock the 4 level of reputation from all traders and buy the unique gear and weapons. You will also get enough resources, weapons and equipment for your loadouts during this boost. Ask us for unique set of weapons/armor to farm during this service.

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    Ultimate Pack
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    28 days order completion