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    WoT Marks of Excellence Boost

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    Buy Marks of Excellence and get Third Mark for any tank in the game, joining 5% of the best players.

    Marks of Excellence are an ultimate indicator of your skill for a specific tank. To get it, you have to get more damage and assist on a tank than 65-95% of other players for the last two weeks. While the premise can sound simple, the process of obtaining the mark can take weeks or even month of non-stop playing for unprepared players.

    Having Third Mark on the gun of your tank is considered to be a prestigious achievement, and Overgear want to help you to obtain it! Choose our World of Tanks Marks of Excellence boost and get any of three marks as quickly as possible.


    • Chosen Mark of Excellence unlocked for any tank;
    • Improved WN8 Stats;
    • Guaranteed 50% win rate;
    • Crew and Free Experience obtained.


    Depending on what execution speed you choose, WoT Marks of Excellence boost can be completed faster.

    • Normal - get a basic place in a completion queue;
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    • Extra Express - WoT Win Rate boost gets the highest priority, making completion time as quick as possible. 


    • 60% win rate - our boosters will play with the maximum possible efficiency and guarantee you 60% win rate for all battles during the boost;
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    • Active World of Tanks account.


    • Select preferred options and place an order;
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    WoT Marks of Excellence boost FAQ

    How do you get marks of excellence in World of Tanks?

    The requirements for the marks and how to get them might appear pretty straightforward at first, but there are a lot of nuances to that:

    1. While your direct damage is the king, and it’s essential to be active during a match for the best results, your assist damage is also taken into account. So, instead of abandoning your teammates in pursuit of the Marks, help them out — it’ll give you better results. However, while both direct and assist damage counts towards your average, the game chooses between tracking and spotting damage, depending on which is higher, rather than using both. Keep that in mind.
    2. The game uses the data from your last 100 battles to calculate an average. However, this list of 100 battles is updated with each new match you have, disposing of the old ones. And each new battle is weighted much greater than the old ones. In other words, even if you had a fantastic first match, it will fall out of calculation as soon as you have your 101st battle. And if your recent battle was a crushing failure, it will affect your results much greater than the few good battles you had before. Vice versa is also applicable in both situations. But the underline is that it’s not enough to play great; you have to be highly consistent too.  
    3. It’s important to remember that the average of other players is constantly changing. One week a tank might be completely abandoned, played only by the newbies that try it out for the first time, leading to a low damage threshold. And a week later, top players might suddenly pick it up and fall into meta, skyrocketing the requirements. This is why it’s generally easier to mark less popular tanks and why checking just how popular the tank is in the meta is a generally good idea. If you feel like you’re banging against the brick wall, it might be worth taking a break from this tank and try your luck after a few weeks, when the average will reset. 

    How are marks of excellence calculated?

    The math behind the calculation is somewhat convoluted and can be hard to wrap your head around. But we don’t need to know it in the first place. It’s enough to know that the game takes your average damage on a particular tank for the last 100 matches you’ve been using it on and compares it to the average of all other players using the same tank for the last 14 days.

    But there is a catch. Your matches are weighted exponentially, not equally. This means that your most recent matches make a much more significant difference to the average than your old ones. It makes it easier to amend a single lousy match with just a few good ones. But it also means that a recent bad game will cost you several good ones prior. This is why it’s essential to have a consistently good performance for the Marks.

    What is MoE in World of Tanks?

    MoE or Marks of Excellence serve as proof of the player’s mastery over the specific vehicle, as well as their overall performance in the game. They are similar to Mastery Badges in many ways. However, one check for the amount of experience the player earned, while MoE calculates how much damage a player inflicts on average. 

    Every nation has different designs for the marks, but they are always placed on the barrel of the tank, and there are always three of them. The top 35% of the players with the highest damage average get the first mark, the top 15% get the second, and 5% get the third. To get all three marks, your damage average must exceed the results of 95% of other players using the same vehicle for the past 14 days.

    Can you lose your Marks of Excellence?

    Luckily, no. Your marks can go up but never down. No matter what you do, your earned marks will forever be with you, even if your performance worsens or the average drastically changes. Even if you sell the tank, the marks will stay if you ever repurchase it.

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