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    WоW SoM Legendary Weapons FAQ

    What Legendaries are there in Season of Mastery?

    There are three legendary weapons in SoM. Sulfuras, Thunderfury, and Rhok'delar. All of them are really hard to obtain. You'll need a whole guild helping you with the quests, that give you access to them. You'll need to travel around the whole Azeroth, slay dangerous rares and complete full raids to obtain all of these Legendary Weapons. If this sounds hard, which it is, then get our SoM Legendaries boost and forget about hours and hours of wasted time. Relax and get your Legendary Weapons.

    How to get SoM Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker

    For you to get this Legendary, you'll have to follow a strict set of things. You'll need a max-level blacksmith in your guild or yourself. You'll need to complete Molten Core a couple of times for you to get the desired drops. You'll also need to mind control a goblin in the Blackwing Lair. You'll also need many different rare materials, to create the desirable Legendary weapons. If this scares you, as it should, then consider getting our Legendaries carry services right now!

    How to get SoM Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros

    For you to obtain this Legendary weapon, you'll have to complete the Molten Core raid so many times, that it can be ridiculous. You can create Sulfuras with just one recipe that you can get from the Blackwing Layer if you're a max-level blacksmith. You'll have to run the Molten Core raid a couple of times, to collect all of the materials. But this is not the hardest part. To make an actual legendary, you'll need an Eye of Sulfuras, that drops from the Ragnaros himself with a really small chance. Just think about how hard and eventually boring this is going to be. Just get our services and we will save you tons of time.

    How to get SoM Rhok'delar Longbow

    For this Legendary hunter bow, you'll need to complete a whole questline from the tree spirits. You'll need to complete the Molten Core raid a couple of times a chance of obtaining the quest item. After that, you'll need to find the Tree Spirits and get their quests. In total there are three quests. Which will require you to travel around the Azeroth, completing raids and killing rare mobs all by yourself without a pet to help you. Even if you would ask your friend to help the mob will despawn. So this is going to be a real challenge. So consider getting our services right now!