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    WoW Season of Mastery Farming

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    WoW Season of Mastery Farming Services FAQ

    WoW Season of Mastery Legendaries Farming

    As you may notice yourself, raid activities in SoM are a lot harder, than in normal classic. Bosses have much more mechanics, they summon stronger enemies for you to deal with. Overall it's not a pleasant experience for unprepared players. So if you want to obtain any of the Legendaries like Sulfuras or Thunderfury, you should be prepared for a really slow and painful grind. That's why we provide you with these services. Get our SoM farming services right now and save yourself tons of time!

    How much faster do you level In the Season of Mastery?

    Even though raids are now much more challenging, leveling in SoM is now an easy time. You gain 40% extra experience for any quest. Which makes your leveling nearly 20% faster. Keep in mind, that you gain the same experience from mobs, so don't waste your time on them that much.

    How Long Does Season of Mastery last?

    Close to 12 months. The last phase will start in November 2022, so now you have plenty of time to do all possible SoM farming. Or if you don't want to spend all of your free time on that, we can provide you with the best possible farming offers here!