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An Exalted Orb is one of the main currencies in the Path of Exile which is used in exchange for expensive and high-tier gear. The chance to get a drop of Exalt is about 0,055%. It can take you about 100 hours of gameplay to get just one Exalted Orb. Don't waste your time and buy the required amount of Exalted Orbs on Overgear right now!


  • It adds one random mod on a rare item, which can make it Mirror-tier gear;
  • It’s used for some expensive crafting recipes, so you always need Exalted Orbs;
  • Allows you to purchase great equipment on market;
  • Has a very low drop chance, it takes ~ 100 hours to see a drop of one Exalt;
  • The average in-game price is about 100 chaoses, so it's really difficult to get Exalted Orb by yourself.


  • ~15 minutes;
  • Due to the start of the league, there might be a slight delay in the delivery time. Our managers will provide you with detailed info after the purchase.


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Ways to use Exalted orbs in the Path of Exile.

If you are familiar with the PoE item system, you should know, that Exalted orbs are currency, which is useful in trades between players and in crafting. You can add a new random affix to rare equipment using Exalted orb. Exalted orbs are one of the most important currencies in the game because an almost whole economy based on them. There is no gold in the Path of Exile, so players have to establish their economic model using top-rated orbs. Also, mid-tier players don’t have the possibility to use Exalted orbs and it is more valuable to trade them for better gear instead of using them to upgrade their own. Although, top-tier players commonly use Exalted orbs to upgrade their gear with a random affix (in case if the gear doesn’t have six affixes). In the Path of Exile, there is one else way to use Exalted orbs - adding high-end affixes using Crafting Bench. You have to pay some amount of Exalted orbs to use these mechanics. Crafting Bench allows you to get access to special meta-crafting mods, which you can’t roll in other ways.

How to collect Exalted orbs?

There are few ways to obtain Exalted orbs. You can craft Exalted orbs from shards and fragments, listed below:

  • 20 Exalted shards can be combined into one Exalted orb;
  • 12 parts of The Hoarder can be combined into one Exalted orb;
  • 10 parts of The Saint’s Treasure can be combined into two Exalted orbs;
  • 5 parts of an Abandoned Wealth can be combined into three Exalted orbs;
  • 7 parts of Alluring Bounty can be combined into ten Exalted orbs;
  • 5 parts of Emperor's Luck can be combined into five pieces of a random currency (including Exalted orbs);

The second way to create Exalted orbs is Vendor recipes. You can downgrade Mirror of Kalandra into two Exalted orbs, five Regal orbs, and one Divine orb, but it is not valuable because of Mirror of Kalandra being the rarest currency in the game (which makes it high-priced). The third way is to farm Glided Fossil from Azurite mine. You can gain “Item sells for much more to vendors” buff for your Glided Fossil and get one Exalted orb from selling it to a vendor. The fourth way is to loot Exalted orbs from monsters/chests/destructible containers. And the last way, which is the easiest and non-time consuming, is to buy Exalted orbs on Overgear from our verified and trusted traders!

What do we offer?

There are lots of PoE Exalted orbs on sale from professional traders. It is simple to contact one of our reliable sellers and choose the realm you playing at - you just leave a request and wait for a little. PoE trading system allows you to trade any item (except for Quest items). You can be assured that you won’t get banned or restricted from trading because of the security measures that we take. After all preparings, you meet trader in the game and we will check if you get the Exalted orbs you bought on our platform. You should tell us if there are any special wishes related to Exalted orbs delivery. You can choose any platform you prefer (PC, Xbox One, or PS4) and any game mode. 

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