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    New World Coins — any server, always in stock, 100% safe guarantee, and the best prices!

    There are several main currencies in New World. Coins allow you to buy gear, resources, and other items on Trading Posts. If you want your own house, you also need a nice amount of Coins. And don't forget about taxes, repairing your gear, etc!

    Faction Tokens allow you to buy specific Faction gear, crafting materials, Runes of Holding, and some other important items.

    Azoth is a rare magic mineral, that can be used in different ways. You can increase the power of your craft, use it for fast travel, and for weapon masteries reset.

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      New World Currencies FAQ

      Why do you need to buy currency?

      Coins in New World - main currency that allows you to make your progress much faster and easier. With enough coins and azoth, you will be able to buy any items you need: gear for your level, potions, additional sets of armor, gems, resources for crafting, houses, and much more.

      But there is a problem - coins income in New World is very small, it's really hard to earn the desired amount of money.

      How do you get New World currency?

      There are a few ways to get some currency in New World. You can farm some mobs and sell loot from them, gather resources to trade with other players, but the main way is doing a lot of quests.

      What do we offer?

      On Overgear you can buy any amount of Coins for your server. Our professional booster will guarantee the best possible speed and protection of the account. The cheapest currencies are only on Overgear!