Tarkov Therapist Quests

Therapist provides a really long and hard questline. But if you complete all the quests, you will be able to buy strong drugs and resources. Complete the hardest quests and earn a reputation with the Therapist today.


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Desired Therapist's quests completed
Ability to unlock the full list of goods from Therapist
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If you want to complete all Therapist's quests, you need to finish the following questlines: Shortage, Sanitary Standarts, Operation Aquaris, Painkiller, Pharmacist, Supply Plans, General Wares, Car Repair, Health Care Privacy, Postman Pat, Put of Curiosity, Trust Vegan, Hippocratic Vow, Private Clinic, Athlete, Decontamination Service, An Apple a Day - Keeps the Doctor Away. They are really hard and disappointing sometimes. So you can use the professional help and buy the fastest Escape From Tarkov quest service on Overgear.com today.

Therapist Quests
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