Tarkov Shooter Born in Heaven

Buy EfT A Shooter Born in Heaven Quest - one of the most difficult to complete. Rewards are great - you will get +1 Sniper Rifles skill level, unlock Magazine case, and this quest is required for Kappa Container. This quest objective is to kill 12 PMC with Headshots from a distance of more than 100 meters. Sounds like a pain in the ass... and it is! But our professional players will complete this quest for you just in 48 hours! Just text us!

We will match the price if you already have some progress!


  • +1 Sniper Rifles skill level;
  • Unlocks purchase of Magazine case at Mechanic LL3;
  • +11,600 EXP;
  • Mechanic Rep +0.03;
  • 100,000 Roubles;
  • 1× Mosin 7.62x54R bolt-action sniper rifle (variant Archangel);
  • 4× Mosin 7.62x54R ProMag Archangel OPFOR 10-round magazine;
  • 50× 7.62x54R SNB.


  • Escape from Tarkov account.


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The hardest EfT quest completed.
This quest required for Kappa pouch.
+1 Sniper Rifles skill level.
Shooter Born in Heaven Quest
Boost Method
48 hours order completion