Tarkov Punisher & Epsilon Container Quest

Buy The Punisher quest boost and get a Secure Container Epsilon! Hide the most expensive items into the Epsilon pouch. Don't waste your time on the hardest quests in Tarkov, just use our professional quest carry service!

To close The Punisher quest line, you should be 21 level and complete six different quests. The most difficult part is killing 35 PMC fulfilling some crazy conditions.

Secure Container Epsilon:

  • gives you 8 cells pouch, that allows you to hide your loot inside and don't lose it after death;
  • it is very difficult to get Epsilon by yourself;
  • the sooner you obtain Epsilon, the more profit you will get;
  • Epsilon container is required for The Choise Quest.

We will match the price if you already have some quest line progress.


  • completed The Punisher Quest;
  • Epsilon Secure Container with 8 cells;
  • all loot and gear obtained during quest completing.


  • Escape from Tarkov account;
  • The Punisher Questline is Unlocked;
  • 20 Level of PMC.


  • your order will start in the first 24 hours after the purchase;
  • completion time depends on your level of progress and completed quests.
  • place an order;
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Secure container Epsilon;
Completed The Punisher Quest;
Valuable loot obtained during boosting.
The Punisher Quest
6 days order completion