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    Escape from Tarkov Failed setup Quest Boost

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    Buy EFT Failed setup Quest and get pre-wipe event completed. To complete the quest, you need to kill 30 Cultists during the night without harming Scavs. Sounds difficult, right? But the reward is truly worth it! Unlock 2 underbarrel Grenade Launchers for purchase from Mechanic and blow up your enemies. Don't let other PMCs get in you way - just choose the number of Cultists and our professional booster will carry you through this time-limited quest during EfT Failed setup quest boost, so that you get all the rewards and tons of loot.

    What you will get
    • Chosen number of Cultists killed;
    • All loot that drops during the boost;
    • Character's experience and PMC skills boost.
    Additional options
    • Hint quest — we will kill 8 bosses and complete this pre-wipe event quest as well;
    • Stream — we will stream all the EfT Failed setup quest boosting processes for you.

    Get all this loot for killing all 30 Cultists:

    • GP-25 "Kostyor" 40mm underbarrel GL unlocked;
    • M203 40mm underbarrel GL unlocked;
    • 40mm VOG-25 grenade unlocked;
    • 40x46mm M386 (HE) grenade unlocked;
    • Mechanic Rep +0.15.
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    • Discord chat will be created so that you can track the progress of your order;
    • We’ll find you a booster that fits your schedule the best;
    • We will take your character and start completing EfT Failed setup quest carries;
    • We will notify you about EfT Failed setup carry service completion, or you will see it by yourself;
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    Failed setup Quest
    Boost Method
    Number of Cultists
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