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    Tarkov Boss Kill Service

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    Scav Bosses are powerful enemies that use the best Weapons and Gear in Tarkov. Want it too? Buy Boss Kill service and we will hunt down any Boss and his guards! Get high-tier Armor, weapons, and unique expensive loot.

    There are quests that require killing Bosses, but it takes a lot of time to complete. Even finding the Boss is a big deal, but find him alive and kill him with your bullet... That's a real problem! Just text us and we solve it nicely and easily for you!


    • Chosen Boss kill - guaranteed;
    • All loot from the boss and his followers.


    • Full raid run - we will complete the full raid and will help you to do in raid anything you want;
    • Stream - we will stream all farming processes for you and you will see how the PRO player does his work;

    Bosses always use the best armor and weapons in the game, so it's a great way to get nice gear. Here is the most interesting Equipment that you can find on every specific Tarkov Boss:

    Cultist priest
    • Cultist knife;
    • TDI KRISS Vector Gen.2 .45 ACP submachine gun;
    • AS VAL 9x39 suppressed assault rifle;
    • SVDS 7.62x54R sniper rifle;
    • SR-25;
    • Secure Flash drive;
    • TerraGroup Labs keycard (Blue);
    • TerraGroup Labs keycard (Green);
    • TerraGroup Labs keycard (Black);
    • Dorm room 314 marked key;
    • EMERCOM medical unit key.
    • ASh-12 12.7x55 assault rifle;
    • Springfield Armory M1A 7.62x51 carbine;
    • Rare Injectors.
    • RPK-16 5.45x39 light machine gun;
    • Maska-1Shch bulletproof helmet (Killa);
    • Maska-1Shch face shield (Killa);
    • 6B13 M assault armor (Tan);
    • Blackhawk! Commando Chest Harness (Black).
    • TT-33 7.62x25 TT pistol (Gold);
    • Desert Tech MDR 7.62x51 assault rifle;
    • Bitcoin.
    • Keycard with a blue marking;
    • Sanitar's bag;
    • UVSR Taiga-1 survival machete;
    • VSS Vintorez 9x39 Special Sniper Rifle;
    • Keycard with a blue marking;
    • Key With Tape icon.png Health Resort east wing room 110 key with a blue tape;
    • TransilluminatorIcon.png LEDX Skin Transilluminator;
    • Rare Injectors.
    • Shturman's stash key;
    • Red Rebel ice pick;
    • SVDS 7.62x54R sniper rifle;
    • SR-25;
    • VSS Vintorez 9x39 Special Sniper Rifle;
    • TerraGroup Labs access keycard.
    • Tagilla's welding mask "UBEY";
    • Tagilla's welding mask "Gorilla";
    • Crye Precision AVS MBAV (Tagilla Edition);
    • MP-155 12ga semi-automatic shotgun.
    • Death Knight mask
    • Crye Precision CPC plate carrier (Goons Edition)
    • Desert Tech MDR 7.62x51 assault rifle
    • FN SCAR-H 7.62x51 assault rifle (FDE)
    Big Pipe
    • Big Pipe's smoking pipe
    • Big Pipe's bandana
    • M32A1 MSGL 40mm grenade launcher
    • FN40GL Mk2 grenade launcher
    • Remington Model 700 7.62x51 bolt-action sniper rifle
    • Remington R11 RSASS 7.62x51 marksman rifle
    • Knight's Armament Company SR-25 7.62x51 marksman rifle
    • Place an order;
    • We'll contact you in the live chat or by email. All details would be clarified with you and the start time of the order would be confirmed;
    • Discord chat will be created so that you could track the progress of your order;
    • we’ll find you a booster who fits your schedule the best;
    • We will take your character in piloted method or a booster will join your party in case of a self-play;
    • We will start raiding bosses location until the boss kill and your successful exfil with the loot;
    • Enjoy the results! And don’t forget to rate our services on Overgear and Trustpilot.

    If you still have some questions or want some unusual options — feel free to text us! Even at 3:00 AM :) We're 24/7 online!


    Any boss kill - fast and cheap.
    If your PMC die - we will re-run!
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