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    OW2 Invasion PvE Missions Boost

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    • The desired mission completed on chosen difficulty;
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    Overwatch 2 Invasion Missions boosting rewards

    For completing each mission at every difficulty level, you will receive unique rewards. Additionally, the game features various challenges in all locations, and for completing them, you will receive additional rewards.

    List of rewards for completing Resistance сhallenges:

    Chicken Mascot - Weapon CharmWin Resistance on any difficulty
    Club Logo - SprayWin Resistance on Hard difficulty
    Chicken MascotWin Resistance on Expert difficulty
    ChargerWin Resistance on Legendary difficulty
    5,000 XPWin Resistance with 3 different heroes
    Our Differences - Echo Voice LineGather 4 Pachimaris on the Null Sector carrier and win Resistance
    Soundtrack for a Revolution - Lúcio Voice LineKnock an enemy off the Null Sector carrier and win Resistance

    List of rewards for completing Liberation сhallenges:

    Cute Slicer - Weapon CharmWin Liberation on any difficulty
    Null Sector Emblem - SprayWin Liberation on Hard difficulty
    Unity - SprayWin Liberation on Expert difficulty
    StalkerWin Liberation on Legendary difficulty
    5,000 XPWin Liberation with 3 different heroes
    A Better World - Winston Voice LinePay your subway fare and win Liberation
    Spare Gun - Sojourn Voice LineDrink a cup of coffee and win Liberation


    List of rewards for completing Ironclad сhallenges:

    Cardamom Bun - SouvenirWin Ironclad on any difficulty
    Ironclad Emblem - SprayWin Ironclad on Hard difficulty
    Horse Statue - SprayWin Ironclad on Expert difficulty
    Titan - SprayWin Ironclad on Legendary difficulty
    5,000 XPWin Ironclad with 3 different heroes
    The Lindholm Way - Brigitte Voice LineWin Ironclad with the Mega-Cannon at 50% or more health on Expert or Legendary difficulty
    Do It Yourself - Torbjörn Voice LineWin Ironclad with all of Torbjörn's workshop turrets intact

    List of rewards for completing Underworld сhallenges:

    Sparkplug Brigitte SkinComplete 8 Underworld Event Chalenges
    5,000 XPComplete Underworld on any difficulty
    5,000 XPComplete Underworld: Death from Above on any difficulty
    5,000 XPComplete Underworld: Ultimate Zones on any difficulty
    5,000 XPComplete Underworld: Invasion Mystery Swap on any difficulty
    Sparkplug Brigitte Player IconComplete Underworld as each role
    TS-1 Repairs SprayEliminate 4 battery thieves as a team before they steal a battery in a single, completed run of Underworld
    2,500 XPActivate TS-1's gratitude protocol in Underworld
    Vulture SprayDiscover all hidden lore interactions as a team in Underworld
    2,500 XPPrevent the A-7000 and OR Units from using their ultimates and complete Underworld
    We Are One SprayKeep TS-1 alive and complete Underworld
    Crash Another Party - Tracer VoicelineComplete Underworld on Expert difficulty
    Fighting For - Solider 76 VoicelineComplete Underworld: Death from Above on Expert difficulty
    Long Way From Home - Ashe VoicelineComplete Underworld: Ultimate Zones on Expert difficulty
    Suffering and Persistence - Zenyatta VoicelineComplete Underworld: Invasion Mystery Swap on Expert difficulty
    Underworld Guardian - Player TitleComplete Underworld on Legendary difficulty with each of the 3 weekly modifiers


    Overwatch 2 PvE Invasion Missions FAQ

    If you want to unlock PvE missions in Overwatch 2, you should buy the Invasion Bundle at Blizzard shop or go for the fancier Ultimate bundle.

    Invasion Missions
    Boost Method
    Execution options
    Choose the mission