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Buy Overwatch Golden Weapons and get unique skins for your armory! For some it takes several seasons to get Overwatch 2 golden gun. It depends not only on how much time you spend in the game, but on your win rate. That’s why it’s not enough just to play - only victories matter! Overwatch golden weapons carry is the best service to farm weapons.

There are many different options for customization in the game. But golden guns are some of the hardest to earn because of their price in Competitive Points. And they are for a reason. Become a knight in shining armor and make your foes and teammates jealous. No more exhausting grind, save dozens of hours and have what you desire. And yes, they look fantastic!

Overgear will help you get these classy weapons. Have only the best experience from overwatch golden weapons boost and the game and leave all the tedious stuff for us!


  • 3.000 CP — it’s enough to purchase any golden weapon you choose;
  • Many completed matches with 55%+ win rate;


  • Normal — we will start overwatch golden boost in 3-6 hours;
  • Express — Overwatch win boosting completion with a high priority with a start in an 1-2 hours;
  • Super Express — for this order, we will take top 500 booster in your region for overwatch weapon sale carry and finish this offer 40% faster, and you will get a free live stream.


  • Specific heroes — we will play matches on the specific heroes. You need to text us the desired heroes before or after the payment.
  • Unlock Competitive — we will unlock completitive matches for you.
  • Stream — we will stream all the overwatch 2 weapons for sale boost services for you.
  • Choose additional options and place an order;
  • We'll contact you in the live chat or via email;
  • Order completion will be started within 30 minutes or within the agreed time;
  • Our booster will take your character (using VPN) and will start an Overwatch win boost; If you choose Self-play, you will play at a party with a Professional Overwatch player;
  • We use only the safest methods. You can be sure, that your account won’t be stolen or deleted.
  • We will complete your order and notify you about the completion or you'll see it by yourself;
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  • Overwatch account with unlocked ranked matches.


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Overwatch Golden Weapons FAQ

How to get golden weapons in Overwatch 2?

Golden guns are obtained by spending your CP. You gain competitive points by winning in ranked matches. That’s the only way and that’s what makes them so valuable. Overwatch 2 buy gold and Only the best players can get it without investing years in a game.

What are golden weapons overwatch?

Overwatch buy golden gun and you will get special cosmetics that drastically change how your weapons look. They don’t affect their characteristics, but much affect your style!

How long does it take to get golden weapons overwatch?

The simple answer is about one season. But it could be much faster if you buy golden weapons at Overgear.

Will there be golden weapons in Overwatch 2?

As far as we know though, golden weapons are here to stay for OW2.

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