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Warzone 2 Boosting Service FAQ

What does boosting in Warzone 2 mean?

Pro players take your account or join your party and use their superior skills to beat most, if not all, of the competition you encounter. Grind? Leave it to call of duty warzone 2 booster service. Get anything you want! All our Warzone 2 boosting is done through VPN proxies. We never use any cheats, hacks, or third-party software. Only fair play and pure skill. You can track progress in your Discord chat. Or see all the CoD WRZ 2 boosting happening on stream or in the record.

Is boosting allowed in Warzone 2?

Let's dip into one of the key mechanics. The way you get weapons is slightly different than in other games. You need to earn Weapon XP by killing enemies or completing contracts. So technically, in Warzone, you don't necessarily need kills. You can also gain Weapon XP by playing the objective and completing contracts. So an experienced Warzone 2 carry is untrackable.

How do you get boosted in Warzone 2?

There're a couple of ways to boost yourself in Warzone 2. Some people may ask, what exactly is reverse boosting? It is when a player decreases their teammates' stats. The act of reverse boosting is most commonly seen when a player runs ahead and dies while not even appearing like they’re trying to secure a kill or objective. With CoD WZ 2 boost you will forget about those people in your team.