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    • Atomgrad Raid completed on chosen difficulty and Episode;
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    • More rewards for each episode are below in FAQ section.
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    MW2 Atomgrad Boosting Service

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    Modern Warfare 2 Atomgrad Rewards

    Atomgrad Episode 1 raid boost includes:

    • Gaz "Convoy" Operator Skin – guaranteed reward for the first raid completion;
    • Bryson 800 "The Punchline" Weapon Blueprint – guaranteed reward for the first Veteran raid completion;
    • Kastov 762 "Enforcer" Weapon Blueprint – random drop chance;
    • Weapon Camouflage "Pure Poison" – random drop chance;
    • Emblem "Eye on the Prize" – random drop chance;
    • Emblem "Gaz" – random drop chance;
    • Calling Card "Forest Price" – random drop chance;
    • Calling Card "Gaz's Gaze" – random drop chance;
    • Loading Screen "Graphic Gaz" – random drop chance;
    • Loading Screen "Graphic Price" – random drop chance.

    Atomgrad Episode 2 raid boost includes:

    • Captain Price "Bad Boonie" Operator Skin – guaranteed reward for the first raid completion;
    • Minibak "Triple Threat" Weapon Blueprint – guaranteed reward for the first Veteran raid completion;
    • Kastov-74u "Beast Maker" Weapon Blueprint – collect 3 keycards to unlock the door and get the blueprint;
    • Weapon Camouflage "Vicous" – random drop chance;
    • Weapon Charm "Raid Season 2" – random drop chance;
    • Emblem "Golden Discovery" – random drop chance;
    • Emblem "Coordinates" – random drop chance;
    • Calling Card "Golden Red Gaze" – random drop chance;
    • Loading Screen "Flick" – random drop chance;
    • Loading Screen "Dead Eyes" – random drop chance.

    Atomgrad Episode 3 raid boost includes:

    • Alex Keller "Alex" Operator Skin – guaranteed reward for the first raid completion;
    • Weapon Camouflage "Galvanic" – guaranteed reward for the first Veteran raid completion;
    • Weapon Camouflage "The Murk" – сomplete the Easter Egg Camouflage Quest;
    • Weapon Charm "Raid Season 3" – random drop chance;
    • Emblem "Raid Season 3" – random drop chance;
    • Calling Card "Raid Season 3" – random drop chance;
    • Loading Screen "The Captain" – random drop chance;
    • Loading Screen "Regrets" – random drop chance.

    Atomgrad Episode 4 raid boost includes:

    • Farah Karim "Fighting Spirit" Operator Skin – guaranteed reward for the first raid completion;
    • Weapon Camouflage "Projectile" – guaranteed reward for the first Veteran raid completion;
    • Weapon Camouflage "Tarnished" – сomplete the Easter Egg Camouflage Quest;
    • Weapon Charm "Raid Season 4" – random drop chance;
    • Calling Card "Off Road Farah" – random drop chance;
    • Loading Screen "Farah Inbound" – random drop chance.

    MW2 Atomgrad Raid FAQ

    Atomgrad Raid is a cooperative game mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. It consists of 4 episodes and designed to be completed by a team of three. Players have the option to select from three Special Ops Kits: Assault, Medic, and Recon. They can also swap them out at pre-determined checkpoints.

    Step 1: Solve a puzzle to open submarine doors

    Start the Raid by clearing out enemies. Follow the water and head to the back right side of the facility. There, you'll find a room with a red light above the entrance. Enter that room, which has a table at its center with four monitors. Press the red button on the wall to the right of the monitors to reveal another room with the same four-TV setup. The first room is the primary one, but both rooms are needed to solve the cipher.

    Divide your team of three into specific roles for this task. Have two players split up, with one assigned to each room's monitors. The third player will be in charge of reading the codes.

    The code reader will stand in the main room beside the code box, located in the corner to the left of the monitors. The code box displays three characters, a combination of American and Russian letters and numbers.

    The code reader should announce or describe the first letter, and the other two players must cycle through the cameras on the security monitors. They need to find the camera showing a large screen with a set of numbers and letters that matches the initial code on the box. Once a player finds the camera corresponding to the first letter, they should call out the number displayed directly beneath the matching letter. Repeat this process for the next two letters on the code box, resulting in a three-digit code.

    The code reader will use these three numbers to input them into the machine situated to the right of the monitors in the first room. Keep in mind that you'll need to switch roles at this point, as the same players can't use the code box every time.

    Repeat the same procedure again. The new code reader will call out the letters one by one to the players observing the monitors. Match the three numbers with the code box and input them into the machine on the right.

    Now, you'll need to repeat this entire process a third time, with the person who hasn't yet input the codes becoming the new code reader. Enter the final code to open a door in the water area you came from initially.

    During the second and third decoding, you might encounter a fourth or fifth symbol on the code box. Be aware that there are false symbols meant to confuse you. If neither monitor viewer identifies the described symbol, skip it and continue calling out letters until you obtain three numbers to input into the code machine on the right.

    Step 2: Swimming Ahead

    Navigate through the water in the recently opened passage. Before you proceed, make sure to pick up an air tank from a table located on the left side of the area. Moving forward from here triggers a checkpoint.

    Note: There's only one air tank available! While swimming, you'll need to pass the tank to each other in order to maintain enough air for progressing through the water tunnel. The path starts in a straightforward manner, but you'll eventually reach a gate with a red button.

    One person should inhale air from the tank and remain by the button. They'll need to hold down the button to open the gate, allowing the others to pass through. Subsequently, another individual must press the red button just inside the gate to keep the door open for the third person. After passing through this gate, you'll encounter a flight of stairs. Leave the water here and reach a checkpoint.

    To proceed, dive down again into the water at the stairs to venture deeper into a flooded hallway. Be cautious of tripwires and try to navigate around them. Swim down the hallway, and you'll notice green glow sticks indicating a doorway on the right. Swim into the room and through the opening on the opposite side.

    Proceed down the hallway, and when you reach the first left turn, swim across the debris. Continue through this hallway until you spot white arrows on the wall directing you to turn right. However, before following the arrows, go left first and utilize the air pocket inside the elevator shaft. Stay cautious of the tripwires in this area. This will also provide a new checkpoint, ensuring that if someone dies, they will respawn safely at this location.

    Next, retrace your steps to follow the white arrows on the wall that guide you to a doorway. Open the door and continue following the white arrows, leading you to a hole in the ground. Be mindful as this area is filled with tripwires. You can either send someone through who doesn't have the air tank to trigger the tripwires, as anyone who dies here will respawn at the nearby elevator checkpoint, or if someone still has armor plates, they can go first since the explosion shouldn't kill them.

    You'll descend into a long, narrow tunnel where you must continue sharing the air tank to survive. Keep moving straight and follow a light source that will lead you to a spot where you can swim upwards and climb out, placing you in an area resembling a mineshaft.

    Follow the passage until you reach another area where you need to drop down and swim through flooded tunnels. There will be wire fencing here; stick to the left side of the fence. Yellow signs with arrows will guide you through the turns in this area. Keep sharing the air tank to prevent anyone from dying.

    Eventually, you'll come across a bunker door that you can swim up to and surface. This serves as a safe area and a new checkpoint.

    Step 3: Energize the Generator and Unlock the Door

    Within the bunker, you'll find a generator. Assign one player to activate and stay near the generator. The player with the air tank should proceed to the submerged door. Adjacent to the door, there's a room featuring a red button. The third player should enter this room and keep the button pressed. Similar to the previous door with a red button, it must be continuously held down. The player stationed by the generator must then join the one at the door, enabling both to swim through.

    The individual remaining behind will need to wait until one of the other players holds down the red button in the nearby room. Once your group is reunited, ascend the stairs.

    Step 4: Secure the Armory

    As you ascend the stairs, you'll enter a room stocked with weaponry and gear. Expect a few adversaries here, so eliminate them before preparing for a more substantial confrontation ahead. Your objective is to clear out the armory.

    Initially, you'll be confined to a hallway featuring enemies, including a Juggernaut. Neutralize them and then locate a red button within the last room on the right. Press it to access a new door.

    This door leads to a room illuminated in green, with a hole in the floor. Descend through the hole and follow the tunnel's straightforward path. This will lead you to drop into another tunnel illuminated by red lights. Be cautious of bomb drones in this area. Your journey will conclude in a circular room divided into multiple sections.

    Take note of the two code machines, situated just beyond the entry point. Further along, you'll encounter a red room and a bluish-white illuminated room. Eliminate all adversaries and familiarize yourself with the surroundings. This will be the ultimate room and puzzle you'll face.

    Step 5: Final Puzzle Chamber

    Upon successfully clearing the armory, designate one individual to stand by the control panel in the red room, while another occupies the control panel in the blue room. These panels can be engaged to reveal codes similar to the previous cipher room you encountered. However, you won't be fixated on monitors. The codes are physically present in the rooms, and your goal is to swiftly glance and proceed due to the dangerous conditions in these rooms.

    The third team member should position themselves by the code machines. The red and blue room participants should press their control panel buttons in synchronization to activate the code box for the third player. Subsequently, the designated code player can interact with the code box to initiate the cipher process.

    Similar to the initial cipher, the code process involves the code player vocalizing the letters, with the red and blue room players swiftly relaying the corresponding numbers or identifying false symbols to skip.

    As soon as the first set of correct numbers is input into the machine, bomb drones will assail the red room, while the blue room becomes filled with lethal gas and AI adversaries. Handle the enemies and bomb drones while evading the gas. Afterward, roles need to be switched, since, akin to the previous round, a new person must be chosen for the code box. Repeat the code procedure to obtain the three numbers. Recur this for the second and third sets as well.

    The blue room proves to be the most challenging, growing even more demanding with the second and third sets of codes due to the dwindling timer. For the later rounds, I recommend placing the individual with the sharpest memory in the blue room. The presence of gas and enemies makes it difficult to gain more than a fleeting glimpse of the code.

    Step 6: Defend Until Doors Unlock

    Upon the door's opening, your task is to repel the onslaught of AI adversaries and bomb drones swarming into the area until the time limit elapses. Be vigilant to defuse any bombs they might attempt to place on the code box. Additionally, expect a Juggernaut to appear toward the end of this phase.

    In this segment, you have the option to spread out, although it's worth noting that the waves of AI soldiers and bomb drones are extremely challenging. From our experience, it worked best for our team to take cover, peer over the boxes surrounding the code machines, and stay together. By covering different angles and sticking together, we managed to create a more effective defense. Straying too far from the group posed difficulties in reviving downed teammates.

    Once the timer concludes, resulting in the unlocking of the door, the final step involves each member of the team interacting with the door positioned between the code box and the input machine. With this accomplished, you have successfully conquered the first episode of Modern Warfare 2's Raid and can indulge in a captivating cutscene.

    Reach the Summit of the Missile Silo

    Following the recap, you'll find yourself within the missile silo right where you left off. Your objective is to ascend the silo. A yellow ladder and ledges are visible, aiding you in reaching the level above.

    As you climb, you'll encounter armored adversaries positioned at the top. Dispatch them and then simply follow the arrows marked on the walls, guiding you along a steep pathway upwards. Throughout this path, there are steam-emitting vents at intervals. While they won't prove fatal, they will impede your progress.

    This will bring you to another section of the silo that necessitates some climbing and parkour to continue your ascent. Expect a juggernaut to stealthily approach from behind, although dealing with it here shouldn't pose excessive difficulty. Eliminate the juggernaut and commence your climb.

    Nevertheless, you'll come across steam vents obstructing your climb. Here's what to do: one individual needs to remain at the valve near the ladder, while the other two ascend the silo's side to reach the initial white platform for footing. At the top, there's another valve for the first person to activate, assisting the last team member in navigating through the steam.

    Helpful Hint: Send the player who might be less skilled at platforming or climbing up first, while leaving your most capable player at the lower valve. If the last person slips and falls, they'll be sent right back to the silo's base (beginning of the level), prompting someone to return and revive them.

    Advance through the forthcoming vents by crawling, which will eventually lead to an expansive area housing a control panel. Interact with this panel featuring three red buttons labeled "Initiate venting sequence." Prioritize eliminating the enemies in the vicinity. Subsequently, each of you needs to interact with one of the buttons simultaneously to synchronize the action.

    Upon successfully completing the previous task, substantial red vent lids will open on the left side, granting you the opportunity to leap across and reach the opposite side. This may require several attempts. It's a combination of timing and weight, implying that you must swiftly navigate across and avoid occupying the same platform as a teammate. Remember, this section includes a checkpoint, so dying will result in respawning here.

    Helpful Hint: Once again, sending the less adept platformer/jumper first might prove advantageous. This approach helps you maintain a consistent pace.

    Once you've climbed the rope on the other side, you'll be confronted with another comparable jumping puzzle. Synchronize hitting the three ventilation buttons, but this time, you'll need to leap onto the red lids on the left. From there, jump to a fourth lid on the right, granting you access to climb the yellow pipe upwards. Pause at the top of the yellow pipe until a lid directly in front of you opens, then jump onto it. Subsequently, more platforms will emerge on the other side. Make a series of four jumps to cross, followed by looking downward for the final platform on the bottom right. Hop onto it, marking the end of this platforming section.

    Advance through the blue double doors to proceed and descend into a tunnel featuring a ladder. This part provides a checkpoint.

    From here, the path is linear and populated by enemies. Eliminate them as you progress until you encounter a staircase. At the base of the stairs, you'll find an armor box to replenish your plates, along with items like stim shots on a table. Take the opportunity to restock all your gear before continuing.

    The environment expands into a considerably larger area teeming with adversaries. Clear them out and locate a rope leading upward. Exercise caution, as more enemies await here. Ascend to the next level using the zip line, and you'll notice a second rope ascending even higher. Prior to zipping up this rope, however, you must deactivate the valve emitting fire. This mechanism functions similarly to the steam valves encountered earlier.

    Consequently, one teammate needs to remain below, near the nearby valve, while the other two ascend using the zip line. Timing is key here. Be prepared to interact with the zip line as soon as the audio cue indicates that the fire has been extinguished. Afterward, the teammates above must locate and deactivate a valve for the person positioned below.

    Reach the Missile Warhead

    Open the door located at the top to proceed, and clear out the enemy-filled tunnel ahead. The tunnel leads to another ladder, descending into a smaller tunnel. Descend, and you'll be confronted with one final jumping puzzle.

    Activate the three red buttons in synchrony, causing red lids to spring open. Progress by crossing all the lids in a U-shaped trajectory that curves around the area. This puzzle isn't too complex; you just need to be swift and avoid clustering on the same platform.

    Proceed through the door into a dimly lit tunnel. This marks another checkpoint, and you'll encounter more adversaries here. Eliminate them and locate an opening that leads downward.

    At the lower level, you'll face more opposition. Dispatch all the enemies, leading you to a room containing a resupply of ammunition and armor. Replenish your supplies and head toward a door indicated for breach.

    This introduces you to another puzzle-type room. Let's break down the room's elements:

    • The control panel on your right deactivates toxic gas, with a 4-second timer.
    • Further along, you'll find another control panel that turns off fans.
    • The third control panel opens an airlock door farther down the pathway.

    Two players must remain with the control panels. (Expect continuous enemy presence, so be ready to engage in combat.) These two individuals are responsible for guiding "the runner" through the locked door and a 40-second timed segment beyond.

    Helpful Hint: The role of the runner is the most challenging, so it's wise to assign your most adept and agile team member who excels at run-and-gun tactics. Alternatively, consider selecting someone with ample armor plates or a medic equipped with self-revive capabilities.

    (Additionally, note that the right wall with the control panels is constructed using a series of window panes, enabling you to actually glimpse parts of the rooms the runner will traverse through.)

    To execute this successfully, position the runner by the locked door, another teammate by the gas venting panel, and the third at the panel responsible for unlocking the airlock door. Precise communication is crucial here because the two individuals at the control panels must press their buttons simultaneously. This action not only opens the door but also releases the gas from the runner's intended path in perfect synchronization. The runner should also be poised to sprint as soon as the door opens.

    The runner's task involves sprinting through a room, strategically maneuvering around sections containing electrified traps while maintaining constant movement. The second room is submerged in water, necessitating the runner to engage in parkour, utilizing the tops of PC terminals to access the opposite side. Touching the water results in shocks and hindered movement. The runner must communicate their proximity to the fans, enabling a teammate to rush and deactivate the fans via the middle control panel.

    One out of the three fans (randomly selected) will deactivate, allowing the runner to maneuver through the fan blades. Upon dropping into a new room, the runner must evade electrical hazards, ascend some boxes, and reach another room featuring a door. Swift communication is essential as the runner approaches the door, facilitating the pressing of the airlock door button to unlock it.

    Subsequently, the runner enters a space that essentially mirrors the room the other two players are in. The runner must independently use all three control panels to assist the other two players in navigating through the same rooms, all while enemies are firing at them.

    Players two and three should position themselves at their locked door (initially used by the runner), while the runner eliminates a few enemies, approaches the gas vent panel, deactivates the gas, and then swiftly returns to the airlock door button. In this sequence, there's no time to concern oneself with enemies or re-equipping armor plates. The runner must dash directly from the vent panel to the airlock panel; otherwise, there won't be enough time to navigate the puzzle room.

    Players two and three must advance through the room, notifying when they've reached the fan, prompting the runner to deactivate the fan, and then wait at the panel for the airlock door to be opened when required.

    Subsequently, players two and three can aid the runner in eliminating the remaining enemies from the vicinity. Although challenging, sticking together and effectively utilizing cover to revive each other if necessary is key. Expect at least one minigun-wielding juggernaut in this segment.

    Next, you'll traverse a lengthy hallway that culminates in a small space resembling an elevator shaft. This marks your final checkpoint. At the end of this hallway, there's a door that you breach.

    Triggering the door breach initiates a timer. You must combat waves of enemies while being unable to retreat, as a wall of toxic gas approaches from behind. An armor plate resupply is available here, but re-plating must be executed swiftly.

    Descend a staircase, encountering more adversaries in a broader pathway. It's not essential to eliminate all enemies, but you must neutralize enough to proceed without being shot from behind. Race to the opposite end of the path, ascend some stairs, and prepare to plant a breach charge on the partially damaged wall before you.

    Initiate the wall breach, ascend a set of stairs, and maintain continuous movement to evade the encroaching gas. A subsequent tunnel lies ahead, populated with additional adversaries that must be confronted. At this point, your objective is to reach the control panel situated at the tunnel's end and engage with the red button. For the completion of the Raid episode, the participation of all players is necessary; they must assemble at the control panel and collectively press the button.

    Search for Hadir and locate the warhead

    After the cinematic introduction, your trio is tasked with descending into the unfinished silo, picking up where Episode 2 concluded. Follow the designated path until you reach a tunnel's end with a door. Here, you'll be able to access your customized loadout. Proceed through the tunnel, following the mine tracks while eliminating enemies. As the tunnel expands into a larger section of the silo, a red button activates an elevator. Ride the elevator down, combating enemies on different levels as you descend.

    Upon reaching the elevator's halt, navigate across ledges and support beams, jumping and platforming to reach a doorway marked "9-b." Clear out enemies in this area and continue through tunnels occupied by enemies equipped with riot shields. The pathway leads you to a power switch on the left wall. Activate the power to lower the elevator further and hop on for another descent. Defeat enemies as the platform descends, and disembark at the opening labeled "6-N." This area is equipped with an electric saw, which a member of your trio must obtain.

    Locate the path marked "6-b." Use the saw to cut open a door here. This action triggers enemies to appear in front of and behind the door, requiring protection for the person cutting. Proceed through the newly opened door, facing more enemy-filled tunnels. This path leads to another door that needs cutting, spawning enemies around the cutter. This door reveals another power switch for the elevator.

    Descend to the bottom of the silo, then enter a set of doors to continue your search.

    Continue Exploring

    Ascend the stairs into a dark mining tunnel. Head left, and as the tunnel becomes blocked with rubble and explosive wire traps, maneuver over the rubble to the left to avoid the traps. Beyond this, crawl under another set of wire traps.

    Upon reaching a large train platform, take the right side of the tracks through a broken wall opening. Proceed to a small room where a bright yellow tool cabinet can be rolled over to an opening at the top of the wall, allowing you to climb through the passage into another room.

    This subsequent dark, enemy-filled armory must be cleared of adversaries before resupplying ammo or changing weapons. Drop through a hole in the floor to continue through a flooded room.

    This large puzzle room harbors enemies, so eliminate them before proceeding. Head up the stairs with a yellow pipe to reach a control panel in the upper section. Generate a 15-digit security code using the control panel; remember to note it down or take a quick picture, as the code changes with each playthrough.

    Electrified sections of the flooded floor now necessitate careful navigation. Your code is also displayed on the lower floor, divided into sections labeled 0 through 9. To solve the puzzle, divide the room among your trio. Each member will take turns pressing buttons at each numbered section in the order of the 15-digit code. There is a time limit, signaled by increasing beeps; use this rhythm to manage your time.

    Upon correctly entering the code, ascend the stairs and press the red button to open doors and advance. The ensuing room hosts a number of enemies, including a juggernaut.

    Clear out the enemies and proceed down a tunnel, making a left turn. The tunnel leads to a confined passage containing pipes and explosives. Here, you'll find another yellow cabinet that requires pushing, while another person presses a power button to open a door on the opposite side. After pushing the cabinet through, climb to a higher area and traverse a pathway of pipes.

    Avoid bursts of fire from pipes shooting fire periodically. This pathway leads to a red-lit room. Cross the room by mantling across shelving platforms to avoid the floor's traps and reach the other side. All players must complete this part and reach the other side to progress.

    Continue along the linear pathway and enter a vent. After turning right and left in the vents, drop through a hole into a water-filled room. Dive down the underwater tunnel to proceed.

    Arrive at the Control Room

    After a brief swim through the underwater tunnel, surface in an open area near a submarine. Dispatch the enemies and ascend topside. Open a room near the submarine's surface location and activate a button on the wall to open a door. Move a yellow cabinet to a higher area and climb over a broken piece of the wall to access two valves.

    Assign one person to each valve and the third person to the control panel. Teammates at the valves must adjust pressure until both control panel lights turn green. Once both lights are green, the player at the panel should promptly interact with the button. This action floods the main room, prompting enemies to appear.

    Quickly push the yellow cabinet down the wall's end, reaching a red pipe and a valve just out of reach. Leave one person on the cabinet to interact with the valve while the other valve person accesses the underwater valve at the opposite end of the submarine. The third person should ascend a set of stairs to another control panel and repeat the process. Adjust pressure for both valves until both lights turn green, allowing access to the control panel.

    Completing both valve steps opens a control panel on the wall. Swim to the room with the higher water level and use the panel. Enemies will reappear; eliminate them and access the crane controls located by the second valve control panel.

    Use the controls to move the yellow crane over the submarine to the left side. Allow a person to climb and reach a high platform, where breach charges can be obtained. Retrieve the charges, hop back on the crane, and plant them on a breachable section of the railing/wall ahead. The path can be crossed once it's opened.

    Pursue the AQ Commander

    Proceed with another saw and cut through a breachable door. Defend the door cutter from enemy attacks. Repeat this process for a second door. Descend stairs, eliminate more enemies, and cut through another door. Clearing this third door leads to two juggernaut enemies, riot shield enemies, and more. Defeat the enemies and follow the objective marker to the final door, triggering a cutscene.

    Find a way to escape

    At the start of this mission, your trio is captured. The player controlling Farah will initially be blindfolded. To escape, the other two players are locked in separate prison cells but can access camera feeds. Communication is vital to guide Farah's movements. Once Farah manages to free herself from the chair binds, she can navigate the area.

    The players watching the cameras will guide Farah to safety, helping her avoid a sentry gun with a laser beam. Progressing through the rooms, Farah will reach the prison cells. While one player distracts the guard using dialogue prompts, the other guides Farah to remove her blindfold. Once the blindfold is off, Farah can retrieve a weapon, eliminate enemies guarding the cells, and open both cell doors by pressing a red button on the wall.

    Using the guards' weapons, fight your way through more enemies. Move down the corridor of cells to a damaged staircase and descend to the lower level. Face more enemies in this area before proceeding through blue double doors.

    Find Hadir and the warheads

    Behind these doors, you can resupply with ammo and armor. Choose your custom loadout here, but remember that you can only choose once. Assault rifles, LMGs, and fully-kitted shotguns are recommended for this section. Equip the KV Broadside shotgun with a drum mag.

    Descend into an underground garage filled with armored vehicles and guards. You can either engage in combat using vehicles as cover or try a stealthy approach by crawling under vehicles. Watch out for wire traps and claymores.

    Continue through the area until you reach a well-lit gated door in the back left corner. Ascend the stairs to find a switch that opens the gate, and then proceed through it.

    You'll come across a hatch in the floor, which is initially blocked. Clear the hatch and drop into a room with moving lasers. Maneuver around cover, barrels, and other obstacles to evade the laser beams and reach a door on the other side. Exercise caution and teamwork, as all players must be present at the door.

    Progress through the door to reach a room with ammo and armor boxes. Resupply before continuing through a tunnel filled with more lasers. This section can be navigated by carefully moving through the middle of the lasers, using the provided cover to avoid detection.

    Another section of the room features more laser beams. Stick closely together and move in tandem with the lasers to reach the next doorway. The next room presents challenges, as you need to climb and jump across cover to evade laser beams. Take your time and move as the lasers move.

    After navigating these rooms, you'll find ammo and armor boxes. Pass through the next doorway and disable the section of lasers using a nearby switch. Proceed through the tunnel until you reach a set of double doors on the left. Ascend the staircase, which is guarded by enemies who throw grenades. Reach the top and eliminate enemies in the room, then crawl through a vent to progress.

    Find and secure the warhead core

    Enter a puzzle room connected to a maze populated by juggernauts. A live map on the wall provides an overview of your location and the maze. Press the red button beside the map to allow a player into the maze. Send two players into the maze, while one player remains in the control room to navigate the maze team and control a valve. This valve turns off the fire obstructing parts of the maze.

    Guide the maze team through the maze, evading juggernaut enemies. Locate a specific high-value target (HVT) enemy with a white square icon and a skull. This enemy drops a keycard used to unlock a numbered room along the map's edge. Retrieve the warhead core from this room.

    Use stealth and teamwork to navigate the maze. The person holding the core will take radiation damage over time, so alternate passing the core to avoid excessive damage. The player in the control room must assist in guiding the team and then use the red button to grant them access back to the control room.

    Proceed through the back door of the control room, eliminating enemies in your path. Carry the core into the next room and place it on a table, triggering a checkpoint. Proceed up the stairs.

    Find Hadir

    Climb the stairs, pass through double doors, and travel down a tunnel to an underground bunker. All players must be present at the metal door to continue. Move through the subsequent rooms until you encounter a locked door requiring a keycard. This keycard must be used by the player who obtained it in the maze. Proceed through the door to an area with ammo and armor, restocking for the upcoming battle.

    Approach Hadir, who is escaping in an elevator.

    Act quickly, as Hadir will flee if you delay. Take an ascender rope to the seventh floor and engage enemies. Ascend to the eighth floor, eliminate enemies, and unlock a gate using a red button. Proceed further and repeat the process to reach the ninth floor.

    Reach the platform where the elevator is ascending. Jump on top of the elevator and melee the counterweights to make it drop. Quickly move off the elevator and onto a ledge. After the elevator crashes, pry the doors open on the ground level.

    Eliminate remaining enemies, ensuring that all players are present at the elevator doors. Move to the crashed elevator to complete the episode and watch the final cinematic for Modern Warfare 2.

    Completing Atomgrad Raid can be a very demanding and detailed process. Details such as teamwork coordination, proper communication, map knowledge, tactics, and executing actions at the right time can greatly affect the successful completion of a mission.

    Especially in 3-star difficulty modes, there's very little room for error, and even a small mistake can require restarting the entire mission. This highlights the importance of good teamwork, exchanging information, and synchronizing actions.

    Atomgrad Raid
    Boost Method
    Execution Options
    Episodes option
    Number of runs
    4 hours Order completion