Struggling to accomplish challenges? Get any desired camouflage with a CoD camo service! Professionals will farm the required score, whether it is an ordinary kill ratio or "two air kills in the same life" call! Buy CoD camos and flex, stay stealthy, or complete your collection without hustle.

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Call of Duty Camo Boosting FAQ

How do you get CoD camo?

Complete the challenges for weapons. Challenges count your specific kills: overall number, headshots, long-distance kills, crouch, etc. Each has a related camouflage. For the CoD camo boosting, we find a player who best matches the required challenges.

How do you get Platinum camo fast?

No fast way. You need to unlock all the gold camos in the category. It means you must finish all the challenges for a particular weapon class. The fastest way? Use Call of Duty camo service for help.