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Player versus Player or PvP is, probably, one of the difficult parts of WoW TBC. Unlike PvE, you should have not only powerful gear but also know different tactics in Burning Crusade PvP. Overgear can help you with that, you can buy some PvP carry service and be one of the most powerful characters on your realm.

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    What does The Burning Crusade PvP Service mean?

    PvP (Player versus player) is a very important component of World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade. If you are good at PvP, you can easily farm heavy armor, powerful sets and weapons. Also, you can get high ranks and reach Gladiator, one of the most prestigious ranks in WoW TBC PvP Boost.

    What can I do in PvP?

    There are so many things you can do in TBC. From Arena 2v2 to Arena 5v5 you can fight with your friends against other parties. Also, it can be stressful, because you can lose a lot of ranks trying to beat enemies. But if you have powerful gear in WoW Burning Crusade PvP Service, you will have more chances to win.

    How Overgear can help me?

    We can solve two problems. First, if you want to reach high ranks yourself, but you don't have strong sets, we can help you to get them. Secondly, if you need to reach the top R1, we can boost your character directly. Thirdly, if you tried to reach the Gladiator title but not successfully, you can buy a coaching service.

    So, what Overgear can offer me?

    1. Top PvP Sets of the current season for your class and realm.
    2. Top R1 Gladiator title carry service with our professional boosters
    3. WoW Vanila PvP coaching, so you can easily get high rank
    4. Arena and RBG grind
    5. Honor Points farm.

    What is the best class for PvP in TBC Classic?

    There is no ideal balance in TBC PvP, so some classes have advantages against others. Also, there are different criteria to select the best of the best class in Burning Crusade. But if we aim PvP Burning Crusade PvP carries service, we can define some nominations:

    1. For solo PvP – Rogue is the ideal class;
    2. If you like to play Arena – Druid will be the best;
    3. In Battlegrounds you need to have strong AoE skills – Warrior and Mage are great for this role;
    4. If you like to support your friends in healing – Priest and Warlock.

    This is a tough selection based on our opinion because you can play any class you want in PvP. The main aim is you will enjoy your time in WoW TBC.

    What is the difference between PvP Vanilla and PvP TBC?

    If you would like to refresh in memory all changes from Vanilla to TBC in PvP, we have prepared a list of all changes you should consider from the start of TBC.

    1. Arena competitive ladder
    2. Honor and Arena points for wins. With them you can buy Arena sets of the current season;
    3. Arena sets for each class and spec;
    4. A new system that separates PvP and PvE.