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WoW TBC classic character boost of any type - leveling, dungeons prequests, class quests, farming. 100% Safety guaranteed. ✔️Any server, 100% safe, lowest prices possible, 24/7 support.

Tons of dungeon loot to equip or sell
Selfplay option is available
Clear service without any cheats, bots or programs
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      Any type of boosting, any server, 100% safe, lowest prices possible, 24/7 support. Don't waste your time - get a boost! Everyone knows that it takes months to reach level 60. But do you have this amount of free time? Use our Overgear WoW Classic leveling service and get your WoW Classic 60 boost right away! We work only with pro players and provide the best classic power leveling offers on the market. All deals are absolutely safe and there are no middlemen - direct sellers only. You won't regret, we promise! The longest, exhausting and sometimes even difficult part of World of Warcraft Classic is the character leveling. There are thousands of quests, and a big part of them require a group of players to be completed. But finding a party in Classic is not as easy as in BfA. Moreover, you have to be level 60 in order to start the endgame content and enjoy the high-level Dungeons and Raids; and you may spend months reaching the cap. This is surely a long way, but Overgear is able to make it much shorter and less tedious. Just buy WoW Classic character boost or any other WoW Classic character service, such as Dungeon prequests, class quests, or farming and see, how easy and relaxed your in-game life will become! Overgear is always ready to help you with every possible in-game puzzle or difficulty. Visit our Marketplace and find hundreds of hot WoW Classic offers; choose the category and a faction. Our trusted sellers will do the rest!There is a new way of leveling in WoW now apart from questing and dungeons, you can join expeditions which require 3 players. It is extremely fast way of leveling but your character will remain in the same gear you had from 110 level. Do you want to obtain unique gear for allied races? In order to get it you must level a character of a certain allied race from 20 to 120. And you cannot use blizzard store character boost service for that. Do you want to through that path by yourself just for an armor in WoW? Especially in case if you have every class leveled already? Or maybe you are interested in service with the lowest price? Or you prioritize the fastest way of leveling? Choose the best offer for you, contact a seller, discuss service details and character leveling will be done the way you want it with all additional services. Face your enemy fully armed not in gear of old expansions and enjoy such a big and exciting world with intriguing stories and epic battles on maximum level.