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    Classic Hardcore Professions Boosting

    Buy WoW Classic Hardcore Professions boost to reach maximum 300 level skill for any profession you want, obtain sets of resources for all professions and complete other related challenges. Skip monotonous time-wasting with our WoW Classic Hardcore professions service.

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    Classic Hardcore Professions Carry Service Include

    Professions are an essential part of World of Warcraft and in WoW Classic, a major attention was given them in terms of player immersion and cooperation. Sadly, the professions truly shine only once you've fully mastered them, which is a rather long and tedious process to complete. With our boosting services, you leave this annoying task to our professional boosters, whom would make sure to bring the most out of your profession of choice while keeping your character safe from dangers of WoW Classic Hardcore!

    Classic Hardcore Professions Service FAQ

    What are the professions in classic Hardcore WoW?

    Just like in the normal version of WoW Classic, players can expect to see 9 Primary professions and 3 Secondary professions. You can pick only 2 Primary professions and while it’s possible to change your profession of choice at any time, you’ll lose all the progress you’ve made so far, as well as having to start from the beginning, so it’s better to think carefully before you choose. Whatever your choice will be, our wow classic hardcore professions service will help you get the most out of them:


    • Alchemy;
    • Blacksmithing;
    • Enchanting;
    • Engineering;
    • Herbalism;
    • Leatherworking;
    • Mining;
    • Skinning;
    • Tailoring.


    • Cooking;
    • Fishing;
    • First Aid.
    How many professions can you have in the classic Hardcore WoW?

    Once again, nothing new here. Players can choose two primary professions and level up any amount of secondary professions they want. And with primary professions being divided into crafting and gathering ones, it’s generally advised to choose the two complementary professions so that you can get the resources for your own crafting profession. However, with our wow classic hardcore professions boosting service, you can level up as many professions as you want without worrying about the tedium of the process.

    How to level up professions in WoW Classic Hardcore?

    To level up your professions, you just have to do activities associated with them. But that can be easier said than done, especially in WoW Hardcore. Pretty much all the crafting professions require resources from the gathering professions. And to gather resources, one has to venture into the open world and search around the enemy-infested areas, even including highly dangerous raid zones. Not only is it a highly monotonous task, but it can also be pretty risky. But with our classic hardcore professions carries, you wouldn’t have to worry about that!

    What is the hardest profession to level in WoW Classic Hardcore?

    Enchantment is still the most difficult profession to level and Hardcore mode doesn't make the process any easier. It’s still one of the most expensive, laborious and time-consuming professions to level up and you’re unlikely to make a lot of profit from it until you max it out. Still, it can be extremely useful, especially in Hardcore mode, where players will be looking for any way to increase their power level. If you need help leveling up Enchantment or any other profession, feel free to make use of our wow classic hardcore professions carry!

    When can you learn professions in WoW Classic Hardcore?

    Just like in the base game, players can start learning their first profession as soon as they hit level 5. However, while you can start learning the profession fairly early, it’s mostly only the high-level craftable items which are truly valuable, whether you plan to use them yourself or sell to other players. If you need help leveling up your professions faster, feel free checking out our guides!

    Can you change professions in WoW Classic Hardcore?

    Of course! While Hardcore mode offers a unique approach to the game, most of the fundamentals are left untouched - there are no changes that exist purely to inconvenience the player. You can still unlearn the profession from your skill book and learn a new one from the proper trainer. Keep in mind, however, that you lose all the progress you’ve made on the profession once you unlearn it.

    Are professions useful in WoW Classic Hardcore?

    Definitely! Professions have always been a great way to make some gold, improve your character and even deepen the sense of immersion. And all of this applies tenfold in Hardcore mode, as you will be using any type of consumable and crafted gear you can to ensure the survivability of your hero. Moreover, since everyone else will also be looking for ways to gear up, you may find even more customers to sell your gear to for some gold. Of course, one may argue that the immersion level also increases as a result. Buy classic hardcore professions boosting to become the master of your craft quickly, efficiently and safely for your character!