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Gold is one of the main currencies in the OSRS. With enormous amounts of Gold pieces, get any desired gear with it. You can also officially gamble in this game for even more coins. There're some ways to farm it, but you'll have to waste hours on leveling your profession to get the desired amount of Gold. So if you don't have high stats, you will have a tough time with Gold farming.

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Does Jagex ban for buying gold?

No, you'll not get banned for buying cheap Gold from us. We assure you that all your purchased Gold will be delivered safely and without any possible problems. Our professional players don't use any bots. All Gold is farmed in a fair way. We'll give you a guarantee that you'll not lose your bought Gold with our services.

Can I buy GP in OSRS?

Yes, you can. But not officially. There is no in-game shop where you can buy Gold. GP (gold pieces) is not purchasable from the developers themself. This can be a real problem for many players. This can be a problem if you want to enjoy this game without spending too much time. That's why we provide our OSRS gold for sale; you'll be able to get any amount of Gold here.

Price & delivery

You can check out our OSRS gold price right up on this page. We'll safely deliver the desired amount of Gold to any of your characters. Don't worry about botting in our services. All of our boosters get their Gold in a fair and monotonous way. Our professional boosters have any amount of Gold, so don't be shy and get as much as you want. Buy our OSRS gold right now!

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