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    About Lost Ark PvP Boosting Services in Overgear

    Lost Ark is a fast-paced action MMORPG. This game has many different classes with many different abilities. Long-range, mid-range, and close combat, all of these things combine with really intense fights, for really challenging PVP battles. When all of the PVE stuff is getting too boring, you may find yourself in the arena. To get to the Grand Master rank, which is the highest rank available, you'll have to master your class to the bits. Which can take months to do. Consider getting our Lost Ark Grand Master boost services and saves yourself some nerves.

    PVP Battles

    If you exclude duels, then this game has 3 different kinds of PVP matches.

    • Team Deathmatch
    • Deathmatch
    • Team Elimination

    All of these three mods can give you a very hard time. While you level up your rank you'll encounter players, that spent months learning this game. If you can afford this much of your free time to spend on this game, then think about getting Lost Ark boosting PVP services here! Buy our Platinum and Diamond boosting services for a cheap price, so you wouldn't waste all of your time in this mode.

    The Ranking system in Lost Ark

    Just like in any other MMORPG out there, Lost Ark has a familiar ranking system available. Here's a full chart:

    • Bronze rank - 1-1499 Average score
    • Silver rank - 1500-1699 Average score
    • Gold rank - 1700-1899 Average score
    • Platinum rank - 1900-2099 Average score
    • Diamond rank - 2100-99999 Average score
    • Master rank - 2300 or higher Average score (31-100 rank)
    • Grand Master rank - 2300 or higher Average score (1-30 rank)

    Price and delivery info

    Lost Ark PVP carry services are available 24/7 with full online support. Let our professional players get the desired rank. The completion time will depend on the desired rank. Purchase Lost Ark boosting PVP services to the Master rank or even higher here for a small price!