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      Can you buy items for Diablo 4?

      Diablo 4 will feature an in-game shop. However, developers said multiple times that there would be no purchasable content that could affect your gameplay. Buy Diablo 4 items boost and stop worrying about it.

      Where do you get items in Diablo 4?

      Developers stressed that they want to bring the game back to its roots and for all the best loot in the game come to the players from slaying the hordes of demons. There is no auction house this time around, and all the Legendary and Unique items are bound on pickup.

      But there’s still trading. Even if you can’t trade Legendary and Unique items, there can still be value to it.

      Is there an Auction House in Diablo 4?

      Nope. Developers reflected on the idea and came to the conclusion that it just doesn’t fit the Diablo game. So no, no Auction House in Diablo 4. Trading is still in the game, but it’s fairly limited too.