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We all had been waiting for the launch of the World of Warcraft classic, but a few of us remembered or knew what a terrible nightmare it would be. And I don’t mean collecting the gear, unkillable mobs, or a lifetime spent on traveling between zones. No, I am talking about the leveling process.

How Long Does It Take?

Even though you have heard of those, who have reached lvl 60 in 3-4 days, don’t be reassured, as these guys spend about 20 hours per day in the game. Leveling is a long and painful process that takes usually up to two weeks for ordinary players.

WoW of 2004

Starting playing wow classic, one should remember that this is the WoW of 2004 with no retail improvements or indulgences. Nothing will ease your journey. Every single thing here is designed to make you struggle through numerous obstacles. So just be prepared.

Classic and Retail Difference

And speaking of retail version compared to classic:

There is no flying except for Flight Masters in wow classic.

No LFG/LFR options at all.

No dungeon/raid teleportation.

No mounts until lvl 40.

Everything costs gold. Skills included.

There are no pre-installed add-ons.

Weapon skills should be improved and mastered.

The list is far from over, but this is already more than enough.

It’s Going to Take a Long Time

Taking into consideration everything above said, we may state that leveling to lvl 60 in classic is going to take a long time. Not only you will have to travel very prudently, as you might accidentally pull a whole pack of mobs (which is equal to death in wow classic), but also wait for groups to go to dungeons, or to complete elite quests. Completing ordinary quests also takes much more time than you might have expected.

Estimated Time

Leveling process IS the main game feature of 2004 wow. Everything is created especially to slow down this process, so ordinary players spend about two weeks raising their characters to lvl 60. And if you want to read all the texts and to learn, what is going on, get ready for a month-long journey.

Class Leveling Guides

There are 9 classes in wow classic, and each has its strengths and weaknesses when speaking about the leveling process. Some classes, such as Hunter, are strong enough to level solo, while Warriors, for instance, are perfect for dungeon groups. Whichever class you choose, you might need a little help. We recommend using class leveling guides such as the following:










Recommended Questing Route Guides

You can find countless leveling guides on the Internet – just choose wisely and do not forget about safety. We would recommend Guidelime’s Guidelist among others. These guides may be written or have a video format. Choose whatever is best for you.

Horde players may check Nightfall’s Guide, Sevenleaves, or Wowhead guides.

Alliance players may use Sage’s guide or WoWhead guide as well.

Use Leveling Add-Ons

And again: wow classic is not about getting a result, it is about the very process. That’s why you won’t find any in-game tips about where to go or what to do. You may either accept game directives or use add-ons to alleviate suffering.

Guidelime – allows you to follow a written leveling guide online.

Questie or ClassicCodex – both will show you where to pick up/turn-in quests, find mobs/items, etc.

Azeroth Auto Pilot keeps track of what you need to do and tells you where you need to go next so you can optimize your time.

Leveling Methods

There are three major ways to level your character: questing, dungeon multi-runs, and grinding. You are welcome to choose any of them, though grinding is the longest and most boring of all.


Questing – is what developers want us to do. They keep you busy all the time with various tasks and challenges. This is a great opportunity to get acquainted with Azeroth, but that surely will take you lots of time.


The most efficient source of experience in classic is dungeon multi-running. With a group of 4 other players, you will clear all the dungeons you like, getting not only experience but some loot and gold as well. The huge problem though is that you will have to search for a party, which is sometimes extremely tough. What’s more, there is always a chance that someone might take your BiS item. Disappointing, right?

Leveling Professions

Even though Professions play a large role in the game process, it is recommended to level them after you reach lvl 60, as they slow you down. However, this doesn’t include First Aid secondary profession. Try mastering it at once, as it will save your digital life regularly.

General Tips

Not only right routes and mechanics are important while leveling. Here are some other useful tips for those, who want to reach lvl 60 faster.

Calculate your breaks, ex: have a meal while your character is flying.

Always have appropriate food and drink.

Check your class leveling guide to increase killing speed.

Save gold to buy a Mount ASAP.

Do not visit your class trainer at each level – you just don’t need it.

The Best Solution

Drawing the line to everything above said, we may state that the best way to level a new character is farming dungeons. Unfortunately, even here you may face delays, unsuccessful results, and disappointments.

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